SUPER BIG WIN on Street Magic Slot!!

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SUPER BIG WIN on Street Magic Slot!!

10 thoughts on “SUPER BIG WIN on Street Magic Slot!!

  1. My first win on that game was on 20cent but 189€ after that I get nothing like that on higher bets like 1 or 2 € 😂

  2. It's actually pretty simple. On this video you see a huge casinogrounds logo, this is a community owned by leovegas. Leovegas is a casino. You would not stick that logo there without any benefits. It is casino advertising and for advertising you have to pay as only the sun shines for free.

    So to all who read this, this is promotional and does not reflect gambling. If you gamble you lose. This is a streamer that earns (leeches) money from anyone who signs up through there links. They use that money to gamble and in turn promote these casino's. The most realistic situation is probably that the casino's offer additional bonuses to these guys when they promote them.

    They can probably always deposit with reload, parachute bonuses etc. This allows them to gamble more then the average joe's and in essence create a false sense of reality. I believe there has yet to be a single streamer that explains this whole process. Gambling is addictive, a disease that you cannot control. No matter what people tell you, listen to the professionals. The best way to win is to not gamble.

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