Top 10 Biggest Slot Wins on Tombstone

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Get ready for some Wild West gun-slinging. Here are the top 10 wins on NetEnt’s popular slot Tombstone.
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00:00 Intro
00:09 #10 Prophetting
01:41 #9 NickSlots (@NickSlots – Casino Streamer)
04:19 #8 S3nn
05:36 #7 Demon709
07:34 #6 Casinohoppers2019
09:04 #5 NightKing
10:07 #4 Anvaris2507
11:01 #3 HackeMF
11:57 #2 Miikapekka (@miikapekka)
14:37 #1 Lambgodson

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Top 10 Biggest Slot Wins on Tombstone

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  1. Nick slots always copies roshtein it’s so funny then claims all these big win ideas where his own lololololololololololooooooooooooool

  2. the first dude how he speaks into that sm7b gives me straight cancer. the sm7b has a Cardioid polar pattern, someone tell this dude to do it right

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