Top 5 Biggest Slot Wins by TheSlotsFactory

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TheSlotsFactory’s Top 5 Biggest Wins Ever!

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This compilation is part of a “Top 5 Big Wins”-video series where the CasinoGrounds streamers get their own highlight videos, featuring their biggest wins ever!

Featured Wins:
00:00 Intro
00:08 #5 Hop ‘N’ Pop
02:04 #4 Fruit Party
03:05 #3 Iron Bank
04:46 #2 Chaos Crew
07:17 #1 Infectious 5

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Top 5 Biggest Slot Wins by TheSlotsFactory

12 thoughts on “Top 5 Biggest Slot Wins by TheSlotsFactory

  1. Been playing for 8 months in the UK and the biggest win I have had was £200 on jam jars.. tried

  2. It's bollocks that the bonus buy wins count as an x win. For example Hop N Pop he bought the bonus for €80 and won €800 – that's a 10x win. If the win was from a standard 'natural" bonus feature then yes at €0.20 stake it would be 4000x win. Not being a hater as I enjoy the videos and appreciate the editing etc but this just is incorrect and misleading.

  3. I just pulled up my lifetime deposit and withdraws at video slots. I play $1 spins. I’m down $3900 since 2015. That’s not too bad considering how much entertainment I’ve gotten out of it. I lose a little over $600 a year on average.

  4. Why don't you do an x win on the bonus buy as well, rather than making it as small as possible. Only one of those wins wasn't a bonus buy.

  5. You have to play for the entertainment, don't play to win big. If it happens you gonna be over te moon and thats how it supposed to be in my humble opinion. I a gambler for over 15 years now. I don't need extra money and I play only for 200 euros each month. Thats affordable for me and if I lose it in the first day of the month, I don't gamble for the rest of the month. If I win money with that deposit, I withdraw 200 euro's and play along with the winnings. I don't care for a fat cash out because I just like to play and I don't chase the loss🙂

  6. I played that last game and got 5 scatter bonus not on a bonus buy on a 50p bet paid £300 pound was gutted after seeing what you can win there is literally no chance of me ever landing a 5 scatter bonus like that again they are so rear dam u game

  7. Check out the streamer's Twitch channel here:
    or the brand new YouTube channel here:

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