Top 5 BIGGEST Slot Wins EVER by Nickslots!

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@NickSlots – Casino Streamer Biggest Wins Ever!

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This compilation is part of a “Top 5 Big Wins”-video series where the CasinoGrounds streamers get their own highlight videos, featuring their biggest wins ever!

Featured Wins:
00:00 Intro
00:08 #5 Danger High Voltage
00:59 #4 Rainbow Riches Megaways
03:47 #3 Queen of Riches
04:34 #2 Primal
05:45 #1 Dead or Alive 2

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Top 5 BIGGEST Slot Wins EVER by Nickslots!

12 thoughts on “Top 5 BIGGEST Slot Wins EVER by Nickslots!

  1. I got the same at 90 cents, a 24k hit. Lol. Its just so frigging amazing the potential of DOA2.

  2. A bit dodgy when thousands of real low stake streamers don't get these wins once out of thousands of spins each day in years of play

  3. You can not get a streamer like Nickslots Top Genuine Guy. Nick was the first streamer I came across back in 2016 and probably will be the last. Way to many entertaining streamers these days. Get in Nick <3

  4. The problem with this style of video.. is all the entertaining streamers that are going to appear….

  5. entertaining as feck though! Easy to get big wins when you’re given money to play! Very sad bud if you think about it! Let’s hope your kid doesn’t become a compulsive gambler like you have probably encouraged many kids to be! 🤷🏻‍♂️

  6. Hmmm if he's in with the casino then surely they can make him win big everytime to show the potential so we all get sucked in thinking we can win like this also. Its just not the way these casinos work, manipulation at its finest and the easiest way to get players hooked and lose. I've played for many years myself and never ONCE have I hit anywhere near this type of win and lost at least 50k in the time I've played and I've tried a hell of a lot of casinos in the process. Good acting I say!

  7. Is the title supossed to be a joke or something? Wtf are those micro Wins🤣🤣

  8. It has been so long nickslot has a big win so casinoground has to dig their archive so ppl wont forgot him.

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