Top 7 Biggest Wins of 2022

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Top 7 Wins of our Casino Stream in 2022!
Featuring the following slots: Mental, Knight’s Life, Wanted Dead or a Wild, Book of Shadows, Primal Megaways, Big Bamboo and the crowned King of slots – Dead or Alive 2!

Time Stamps:
00:00 Intro
00:05 Mental
01:03 Knight’s Life
03:40 Wanted Dead or a Wild
05:57 Book of Shadows
08:55 Primal Megaways
10:10 Big Bamboo
15:37 Dead or Alive 2


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Top 7 Biggest Wins of 2022

18 thoughts on “Top 7 Biggest Wins of 2022

  1. You know what, **** it, Im gonna do DoA2 and nothing else until I get a wildline there

  2. Isn't it incredible to think that the extra wild on reel 4 gave an additional 75 grand? It was due about 130 grand, which is bonkers itself, but then that made it just insane.
    Then think about the fact that max win on this is twice what you won. THis game is sick: I'm gonna play it like I did with Bonanza a few years ago! Nothing but DoA2!

  3. that DOA is crazy when it happens but i never playd it only seen ppl win, but how hard is it to get all those wilds i bet 99% bonuses are horrible. or is it common to some degree to get it?

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