Top 8 Slot Wins of May 2019

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The top 8 biggest slot wins of May 2019! Including wins by casino streamers and CasinoGrounds community members from the 1st to the 31st of May 2019.

Featured videos:
00:27 #8 Deluxe Casino Bonus – Taste of China
01:50 #7 Lifehack – 300 Shields
02:56 #6 Nicola – The Final Countdown
05:27 #5 Slotmad – Fortunes of Ra
07:11 #4 Anvaris2507 – The Final Countdown
08:31 #3 Fruity Slots – Primal Megaways
12:09 #2 Brian Koppen – Primal Megaways
13:26 #1 BigWinPictures – Dead or Alive 2

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Top 8 Slot Wins of May 2019

12 thoughts on “Top 8 Slot Wins of May 2019

  1. I see a typo in the description, CG. In Dead or Alive 2. You need to fix it.

  2. Just a bunch of entertaining streamers on affiliate deals with no money accounts. You can tell by their entertaining reactions. Look at the first one, that is not how somebody reacts when they win a jackpot

  3. Compare the joy on the very final clip against all the slot players. That’s real happiness. Smiles. Laughter. Real excitement. The rest are just entertaining. What a waste.

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