Top 9 Slot Wins of April 2019

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The top 9 biggest slot wins of April 2019! Including wins by casino streamers and CasinoGrounds community members from the 1st to the 30th of April 2019.

Featured videos:
00:14 #9 Juusbaa – The Final Countdown
04:49 #8 Teukka – Knight’s Life
07:45 #7 M4RK – Dead or Alive
09:04 #6 Hypalinx – Primal Megaways
09:38 #5 Teukka – Vikings Unleashed
11:56 #4 Andrewrobin1990 – Temple of Treasure
13:01 #3 DCT Slot Channel – Book of Dead
14:13 #2 NeMMiT – Mystery Reels
16:50 #1 QuegQuee – White Rabbit

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Top 9 Slot Wins of April 2019

12 thoughts on “Top 9 Slot Wins of April 2019

  1. What does he say at 10:45 ? Loads of streamers say that.. it's like "Oi oi oi oi" and then something, what is it and what does it mean?

  2. I'm chasing Knight's Life and DoA for like half a year now. Not even 100x win one time. :v
    And Teukka is getting like over 3000x on Knight's Life 2nd time in a month or less. :v
    I'll try DoA 2 now.

  3. isnt Teukka winning high wins much to often? like every week the next + 3000xfor him

  4. Lol I got 5 scatters last night on a $80 came out with $495,987 I live in Australia biggest win so far

  5. Where to **** is Jugipelaa's 11000x win on who wants to be a millionaire? He won 22k, betsize 2.00e..

  6. I got my first bonus on Mystery Reels Megaways today. Gambled. Got 20 spins. Paid 56x. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm. On the upside, i've gone through 12 dead or alive 2 bonuses now and not had anything better than 38x. Which is also Hmmmmmmm. Not my year so far. Probably because everyone else is taking the wins out of the pool !

  7. Why did book of dead bonus was finished after 4th and didntd count previous win? Is 5000x max win? Im pretty sure I saw other video with
    full screen of guys and it continued with ending about 5200x. Or maybe it was just a dream and im wrong.
    Btw. I dreamed about few milions euro win on reactoonz and was gonna pay my depts then.. I woke up

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