Trying our LUCK on HIGH LIMIT TWIN WIN Slot Machine

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Trying our LUCK on HIGH LIMIT TWIN WIN Slot Machine

Lady Luck Hq, Hubby, Mom, & Dr Joseph Cipriano are playing TWIN WIN SLOT MACHINE in the HIGH LIMIT ROOM at the HARD ROCK hotel and Casino in Tampa FL. We don’t play this game much so we are all trying to figure out how the pay-lines works as hubby keeps upping the bet! Our goal is to win a JACKPOT HANDPAY and most importantly have a fun night out in Tampa one of FL tourist destinations.

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Trying our LUCK on HIGH LIMIT TWIN WIN Slot Machine

40 thoughts on “Trying our LUCK on HIGH LIMIT TWIN WIN Slot Machine

  1. Oh my god
    I couldn’t finish watching the video through because of the annoying guy in the video uuuggghhh… terrible smh 😖😖😖

  2. Twin win was a twin bust. Always fun to watch the winning and losing sessions. So much love and luck from AZ

  3. Lady, help me out, from what I gather you and your husband have been to Casinos all over the country, have you ever seen these so called high limit coin pusher machines or are these youtubers I've found complete guys? What the hales, specifically. I shared you a few links on other videos too. What do you know about this game? Google says they are entertainingrs.

  4. When he says, "I ain't gonna lie, you guys were up at one point." Who was that guy? He needs to be in every video. His commentary from start to finish was priceless.

    Twin Win is a tough slot, but when you line them up it's well worth it. This is definitely a slot that you need to pull out once you get a few nice wins or it'll take it all back. Best of luck to you on your next casino adventure.

  5. Got to say that those line hits can be awesome. To bad though that there is no bonus game.

  6. the guy in the background was annoying as hell lmao i had to turn the volume off

  7. So no bonus available? And some viewer picked that? Ought to read the machine first before playing.

  8. "Лудомания.Игромания.Игровая зависимость" ютуб канал Александра Устиновича автора книги "Лудомания.Путь к свободе от игровой зависимости".Проблемы с лудоманией?Давайте решать их вместе!

  9. I am from Shreveport I have not played that game yet haven't been to a casino in 1 year

  10. I've played twin win for yearsssss and never got free spins lol😫🤷‍♀️

  11. Not an easy game to make money on. Thank you for sharing, now we remember why we stay away from that game.

  12. Twin Wins…Awesome…Haven't played this machine yet. Thanks for sharing it…Very Cool ❤️💚🧡💚🧡🤎💋👍🏽💙🖤🤍💖🌈🌹🌺🌻

  13. I completely understand the scare of breast cancer. My sister-in-law was diagnosed with all the things you had to do. She wasn’t so lucky Carol passed within a few years of bull blown cancer. It was aggressive and do very hard. Wear a pink T with with pride you were on of the lucky one. Now let’s play Casino.

  14. Great Patience from Both of you., it’s hard when the machine isn’t paying Great. And I feel badly for your Brother. I’ve seen/heard him in a couple videos and Drunk in both. Bless You!

  15. I played it and it's hard to get a win. You guys were so patient with the guy who wouldn't leave or stop commenting. I don't think I could have done that.

  16. Just have to be patient and you have to get to 2020 if I don’t sell my favorite restaurant is Davenport and you’ll get it this is my favorite game I’m playing and sometimes mean sometimes I don’t but it’s a whole long time I like this game thank you so much for showing

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