32 thoughts on “Wildlife slot VLT Massive 6 grand win !!

  1. Barusan main dapat 6,5juta modal main cuman 300k servernya lagi gacor,caranya ada di YouTube ini

  2. YES now that's what I like to see. All to often you see videos of people winning 10s of thousands on a slot but behind the scene if one notices they are betting 50-250 dollars. I like a 'real' high odds win like yours.

  3. I hate this game. How long did you have to play at the MAX bid before getting into this bonus? And how much to get there?

  4. Was this bar slots, casino, Canada or USA. Curious cause I play this game every single time I play.

  5. Thanks for throwing this in all our faces when we can't even get a bonus to give any wilds on a $4 bet. Really appreciate it.

  6. As I was watching, I was like: "Nah, he ain't getting up to 5 G's"

    Last game. 5 elephants on 2 lines.

    That was an amazing win!!!!

  7. My best with 20 free spins was 3 grand on a 2.50 max bet in new brunswick what a night that was lol

  8. Wow shyt won't get me past 1300 but you rocked that one. I had a friend hit all lions $5 bet 2 at top 2 at the bottom 20k+ bonus long time ago never seen no hits like that again. Now every machine has to hit only from the first row not front to back. They harder now

  9. Damn man that’s a good catch . Lol every time I play this game I have no luck can’t even get the bonus half the time.

  10. Congrats 🍾 I would have been on the floor … I’m really shook headed to the casino now lol

  11. Incroyable 🤩 félicitations un nouveau record pour ce jeux c’est certain 🦁💵

  12. I got 20 free spins on a 2.50 bet and won 13$ on the extreme version it was something out of a nightmare

  13. yes i been hitting for the past week with wilf life at different spots! my pot is blowing up🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉 congrats!!!

  14. wow corner rhinos and elephants I've never seen that before probably the only time I'll see that in my life time congrates on your big win

  15. I did 350 bets at $2.50 a pop to get a bonus…and won about $3.50 that time out.

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