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A unique kind of special casino event is reliable holiday patterns, when the crowds that show up at most casinos on significant holidays dwarf those typical special events. Like special casino events, major holidays have an associated winning strategy having the financial result of improving your gambling performance.

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Winning Slots Strategy 5

37 thoughts on “Winning Slots Strategy 5

  1. So if I understand correctly, the next opportunity to take advantage of this strategy is September 8 (roughly between 4 and 8 am). Is that correct? Also, I really appreciate your strategic, well thought out, approach to slots.

  2. This is so confusing. I have such a hard time following what you say. It might be better to post a chart.

  3. oh yeah, i will try the five pull method on regular machines…the lowest bet, five pulls, a taste is a win with in five pulls…try a row of machines….if it works, i wll go to hl room right?

  4. No events it's best to play Monday morning or sundayz when its busy during the weekend is best now my casino opens tomorrow and it's at 9am everymorning.

  5. Thank you for common sense tips. I haven’t won a jackpot in a while, looking forward to a win based upon your great advice

  6. Yes I have tried the tasting method …… it was delicious… then it but it turned into a Buffay and then I went away like I had a Chinese takeout. Starving. Next time I will take the Poopoo platter and run to my room or say my mantra get your ass to the car get your ass to the car get your ass to the car thank you

  7. I completely disagree with your strategies regarding slots on a holiday. My main casino is Horseshoe Casino in Hammond, Indiana. Horseshoe is also known as "Horse**** Casino" by slot players because the aggregate playback percentage of all machines at Horseshoe is almost always the lowest of all Indiana casinos as listed on the Indiana Gaming Board's website. Extremely tight casinos such as Horseshoe Hammond know they will draw huge crowds over holiday periods such as Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years and other major holidays like Labor Day, July 4th and the like. Horseshoe knows big crowds equal a big take for the house during busy times so the overall payback percentage for all the slots is turned down by management therefore producing big profits for the house. No machines are paying during this time of reduced payback because of the holiday crowd. I never waste my time and money going to Horseshoe when I know it's going to be crowded for this reason. While I am very sure you are a bona-fide expert on slot strategies I'd like to invite you to try them out at Horseshoe Hammond. You're NOT going to win I guarantee you. Tightest slots in Indiana!

  8. Hey professor, has COVID-19 thrown a monkey wrench in your program since casino’s are enforcing social distancing?
    I’m asking you because since the pandemic started, i have had three solid sessions which were all in the early morning of weekends . I know that is not enough data to claim anything. But has there been any noticeable differences that you have observed since?

  9. This is true. Out of the blue hubby and I decided to go on Christmas Eve and he hit a jackpot. We will be trying again this year.

  10. My question to you is I thought that the machines are all random number generated. And the casinos are unable to manipulate the machines. Or am I wrong? Thank You for your response.

  11. Hi, Jon. Merry Christmas and greetings from north-central Wisconsin! Looking through my gambling records, I have won 2 taxable jackpots during "holiday" timeframes. I won a $1,600 jackpot on January 1, 2010 on a Double Black Tie $5 machine. I also won an $1,800 jackpot on December 27, 2014 (2 days after Christmas) on a Triple Diamond $1 machine. Enjoy the holidays!

  12. Hi. What time (approx) would you project would be best for New Year's Eve considering this busy times bleed almost into the 4-6 AM time frame?

  13. Yes, I won 2 taxable jackpots on St. Patrick’s Day. On the other hand, I played this past year at 10 PM on a Saturday, put $100 in a $10 machine (…ALWAYS play MAX, in this instance $20). On second try, won $14,500…I couldn’t believe it! By the way, I LOVE YOUR ADVICE, TIPS AND PRESENTATION SKILL! Please keep helping all of us…I’ll start keeping the records you suggest. You are absolutely great! Thank you!

  14. I turned 2k into 60,000 the day after the Super Bowl. I totally agree with the information in this video.

  15. My biggest jackpots in vegas and san manual indian casinos in California were always from 1am to 4am I think the reason is because the machines are idling I also ask the janitors and drink servers which machines always win the most and it works wonders.

  16. I go between the hours of 1-4 AM after the weekend when people dump their paychecks. I've had pretty good luck. Not all the time but I've won a few jackpots during that time.

  17. I wonder if Easter Sunday is a good day to play? I might go to Pechanga in SoCal.

  18. Wow, I knew that something like that happened when I won at Soaring Eagle. But it was usually on a Monday after a busy weekend.

  19. I'm pretty sure a machine doesn't know the time of day and they can't just give out a couple wins after it was busy

  20. Hey professor
    Quick question
    What if your casino is open from 8am-4am.
    Would it be better to play right before close or right when they open ? (Charlestown, WV)

  21. Professor, I just love your channel, I'm trying to up my game from quarters,dollars, to 5 and 10 dollar denominations, I would like to know with a good bankroll of 500 dollars or more would max bets be better or singles thx will be member soon

  22. I think yaw white people get the casinos to rig the machines for you to win on them on video so other people who view it will go to the casino play the same game you win on only to lose all their money

  23. I am glad i found your channel, i will use this strategy in my local casino here in the philippines.

  24. Yes, I’ve experienced winning big taxable jackpots during holidays but not in the early morning hours after/during a big or holiday event at the casino. I’ve won $10K on New Year’s Day on a dollar slot, $3/spin around 11AM; another $10K on a similar slot on a 4th of July around 4PM; and a $6K on a penny slot betting $3/spin on my first $100 inserted on the Sunday after Thanksgiving around 4:30PM. The casino was crowded in all these instances. I’m glad to learn, you can win on these special days even when the casino is not crowded (early morning hours). Appreciate you sharing your practical observations and gaming strategies.

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