12 thoughts on “World Record Multi Million Online Slot Win!! Insane 623,000,000 EURO Streamer hit!

  1. 623 million are u ppl that fuking stupid yea coz that **** ass reaction is real to that kind ov money

  2. Does anyone notice how he moved his mouse to the top right corner and activate the hack? That gives him max win. This guy is out here printing entertaining money just to get paid from youtube lol

  3. You Sir need a knighthood…. You have explained what Casino Streamers do in a short and sweet (& funny) Panorama episode. Brilliant 👏 This should be compulsory viewing for anyone thinking of parting company with their hard earned cash and hammer home the reality.

  4. So glad other people in this comment section hate Roshtien as much as I do. He's SO ANNOYING AND entertaining AF! Just his voice alone made me watch his video on mute when I seen them. I watch xposed for the entertainment too. Cheers to all you absolutely legends with a head on your shoulders!🙌 👏 ❤

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