⚙️ I got FIVE Buzzsaws + great run on Huff n More Puff Slot!

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⚙️ I got FIVE Buzzsaws + great run on Huff n More Puff Slot!

28 thoughts on “⚙️ I got FIVE Buzzsaws + great run on Huff n More Puff Slot!

  1. Too bad those buzzsaws don’t mean anything after 3. They’re only somewhat okay if you happen to get the buzzsaw feature.
    Seen people get 4 and 5 just to get the mini like you lmfao

  2. I got a bonus on the goldfish game last week on a 10 cent demon 3$ bet and got a 1,197 bonus 😅 I was glad I got the last 2 dead spins lol

  3. Maybe next time u could put the camera up a lil bit more we are getting a glare from the lights on the screen because of the angle. Not trying 2 complain lol it feels like I sitting on the floor looking up is all.

  4. Congratulations, but it seems a bit of a burn as well , getting 5 buzz saws (which is hard) and only getting a smidge back on a 20$ bet .

  5. I don’t know if it’s superstition or fact BUT I never spend if the mini is showing. I wait for it to go by. It works for me. I was yelling- don’t spend yet when you said “ I have 5 buzzsaws”😂 I’m obsessed with this game!

  6. It looks brutal. The original game is difficult enough.

    My own play style. If I spend $1 or more a spin. The slot card is going in the machine

    If I start with $1000. The card better be in the machine so the casino knows I am serious. That's only me though. I figure if I will lose I may as well pick up a slot Freeplay invitation every now and then.

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