44 thoughts on “🌶 BIG WINS!!! Bonuses on More Chili Slot Machine – SPICY AF 🌶

  1. SDGUY is cracking me up angrily mumbling under his breath about not getting his Chili's 😂😂😂😂🚫🌶🌶🌶🌶🌶🌶's

  2. Don't blame you with the #@!#@! swearing, it is the most frustrating game !

  3. Very disappointed — not one time yelling "I love cock!!!!" 🙂

  4. why does it sound like theres a mouse clicking at the end of every spin in some bonus clips

  5. It's keeps on counting the chillis because if you get 30 chillis you get 3 wild reels it's ****ing insane !!!

  6. its a good game if u can get 30 chilli and get 3 wild reels,in 20years playing it ive never got 30 chilli ,29 I got 1 time with 2 spins to go and none fell

  7. **** I could swear I remember this machine doing retriggers. Must be misremembering.

  8. SDGUY, I like your videos and you can be very entertaining at times. So it pains me when I say this. I am hoping its just an error on your part and not done purposely, but I noticed in this video that you have the same video footage looped. Time stamp 5:46 and at 7:30. Maybe do the editing when your rested.

  9. trump was right! send juan and his ****ing chili's back to the border! no chili's, no stay in america. adios.

  10. Which casino is this? Almost sounds like you're in a room alone…

  11. omg you sound like my bf when he plays he yells and cures out the machines as well to funny

  12. Totally craptastic. Coins come up and you have to look to find your winner because it doesn't flash or anything. This game gave me the runs.

  13. Language too vulgar and trashy ,you should be banned. No wonder your views are so low…pity,well made videos but ……no more views.

  14. you were saved by the last one. These bonuses were not only spicy but also salty. lol. Great video my friend. One of my favorite machines at the casino. I just subscribed. please don't forget to also subscribe to my channel. Thanks

  15. I did not post that comment….don't know how it appeared under my name..no one else uses my iPad???

  16. More Chili? Not so much. But did busted out laughing at your reactions. You called him Juan, jorge lol and his little love chihuahua lol

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  18. I don't think I will b watching this guy anymore way too many swearing for no reason

  19. I got $11,920 playing this at the Silverton on a $4.00 bet. I sniffed the seat and could tell that Low Rider sate there before me. He had Dorritos plus an apple that day before playing, just by smelling that seat 🙂

  20. I try all machines and just few dollars , tell us your secret, wonder if you are addicts

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