Super Big Slot Wins Video Information:

Winged Monkeys feature in this Super Big Win for player “samweyuk” those big bets have certainly paid off!
First witness a Mega Big Win of £11,464.55 followed by our lovely lady Glinda the good witch.
Glinda is a very, very good witch in this wild symbol extravaganza! Be amazed at this £16,950.50 2nd Mega Big Win for “samweyuk”. No wonder Dorothy looks a bit stunned!
This lucky player must have been whole lot surprised when the reels slotted into position!

Line bet – £1.67
Total bet- £50.10
Win to stake ratio — 228x & 338x

Winged Monkey Feature and Glinda the Good Witch activated bonus rounds

“We are the best party in town and everyone’s invited!”
If you’re a UK player over 18 years old you can go to http://www.jackpotparty.com to get in the finest online slot action you’ve ever seen!

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  1. It is the real ? If u won too much like this who gonna pay for u ?

  2. Winne free slots williamsbw68@gmail.con phone was stolen andmany mire beware developers

  3. Winne free slots williamsbw68@gmail.con phone was stolen andmany mire beware developers

  4. Can't get Jackpot Party here in Canada, I tried to download it, the website says they changed their name to slots magic. The website shows all of those WMS games like Zues, Kronos, Jackpot party etc, and then I download it and none of those games are there at all. Its literally a bunch of terrible terrible slots with the worst bonuses I've ever seen in my life.

    Anyone know how to get those games in Canada?

  5. Not a very pretty slot, it's not Netent software right? Very nice win though with the free spins.

  6. I've play this game in real life. It's fun the the pay is terrible. Don't play slots online for real money. Go to a casino.

  7. if you like to play wms games  download William hill casino they have all those games

  8. Not buying this bull**** from the casino companies, entertainingd to get customers, online casinos are all based in corrupt little islands like Gibraltar where they make up the laws and can't get sued for cheating and scamming you. £50 spins, mm seems legit.

  9. I never had a problem withdrawing money from any betting site. Just stay away from the casinos. Bet on sports. They can't cheat you that way.

  10. Even if this actually did happen for some very very lucky person … It will not happen to you so do not get any ideas .. Online and offline betting companys will pretty much take your money 90% of the time … Over a period of 1 year you will lose 10 times the amount you win or even more …
    I use to do this i use to bet and lost alot of money … I signed up to the websites giving me big bonus offers starting with 600 pounds … Lost the lot the casino has the advantage it is gaming law so when playing blackjack etc you have a 60%-70% chance of not winning .
    50 pounds per bet like this guy is doing is just silly .. If this video is real or just a entertaining from the betting company to make people do this or whatever … It does not really matter if they paid that money out then they had to because the casino was due to pay out because once it gains more than its traget profit which is pretty much all the time then it pays …
    Like in roulette 1000's of people bet on the table … earning the casino millions per spin .. and paying out not even 20% of what it earned ..
    Same with black jack … 
    Same with Bingo even .. how many people buy tickets compared to the win prize?
    Every single thing played gains them money not you .. You can never win … Even with sports they will win in the end ..
    Bingo tickets with a prize of 500 pound and over 2000 online player tirkct purchases pretty much tells you the prize is alot lower from what they took for the game 🙂
    Betting is designed to make it look good the slots are like that to make you want to play them it looks easy  … But it is even designed to get near wins .. give u wins at the start and designed to give you addiction … Then basically destroy your life . Simple answer do not bet do not give these people money .

  11. Jackpot party is now operating as slots magic, but beware I won over £5000 on wizard of odds using there promotion and they would not pay me a penny of it. Big scam site, hide behind there extensive terms and conditions do not accept any bonus of them and I would certanly not trust them with your money.

  12. Yeah and if anyone wins be prepared for the manager to say the machine is malfunctioning.

  13. The slot machine interface is like the stuff of nightmares but ironically enough also looks addictive as hell. STEER CLEAR OF THESE KIDS!

  14. 20 spins cost him a grand, he is only showing what hes not what hes lost 100 spins 5 grand and so on he's the loser really.

  15. Is that play money?? because even if it was real money online casinos hold your money up FOREVER, oooorrrrr you only get paid out in drips and drabs, big scam people!

  16. Why wouldn't it happen? Dropped £3200 on wh online last weekend on two different Macau slots

  17. Typical. Mega views from a commercially sponsored website channel. But is normal guy has real videos with ****ty low view count. Typical.

  18. There's a video on YouTube of a woman playing this slot machine in real life and she gets a bigger win, plus it's 100% legit. It does happen guys, I'm just not sure why most of you here haven't realised that these big wins are suppose to be mega mega rare to obtain. You could play slots your whole life let alone a whole night, and never get a huge win. On Sky Vegas I win and lose, I do 20p rolls. Spent about £3.50ish on top cat slots and won £210 the other night. Before that it's only ever bn £20/£40 wins. It's pure luck nothing more. Wish I could win millions by staking hundreds but I'm just being realistic with myself and gambling online. You guys should too. Peace

  19. For all the wins bandit and rocknrolla get even at big stakes, they will tell you they are thousands down overall. The only winners are the casino and those that never play.

  20. I don’t gamble but I love the Wizard of Oz and the Wicked Witch of the West 💚😍.

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