4 BONUS SYMBOLS!! Centurion Free Spins slot

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Centurion Free Spins, playing for the bonus on this fairly new slot. I’ve had good results on this before, but I can see that the feature could give very little. This would make a good online slot.
I moved on to 20p Roulette and ended up paying attention to the games history (which is meaningless), chasing black.

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4 BONUS SYMBOLS!! Centurion Free Spins slot

34 thoughts on “4 BONUS SYMBOLS!! Centurion Free Spins slot

  1. I got 5 free spin symbols just last night… gave me £134! Not jackpot for 5 of them! Unbelieveable

  2. Can relate to unwanted calls when playing FOBTs. That will be the wife "sorry love, phone was on silent".

  3. OMG Thanks for the verbal shoutout with the 20p roulette mate! Made my year!

    Cheers! 😀

  4. I've found it when the centurion indicates super bonus reels, its best to cancel any auto plays immediately and the bonus reels show.

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