£600 Bonus Hunt Plus More! Can The BIG WINS Continue! 🎰💰

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£600 Bonus Hunt Plus More! Can The BIG WINS Continue! 🎰💰

44 thoughts on “£600 Bonus Hunt Plus More! Can The BIG WINS Continue! 🎰💰

  1. Andy never never never apologise for getting excited great win shout it from the rafters

  2. in my opinion, I've been following you for a few months, not many, but this month so far I can say you had a good month. good luck in the future and maybe at the end of the month you will even go on vacation again 😁

  3. Pin 📌 😆just be yourself matey never say sorry that’s what makes us genuine 🙂😅

  4. Ouch Andy rough finish I did similar the other day big win went for and lost the lot

  5. I don't know what ur apologising for Andy.If I won 1200x on sugar rush on a £1 stake I wud be F..ing&Blinding.Just a pity u gave it back!🤒

  6. Andy you should of walked at £1,700 as that could of left you with a £700 hunt for tomorrow.

  7. Superb video. 👌 it was time for you to get good wins, plenty of times the slots have rinsed you. Anyone who moans about the wins is either jealous or hasn't been with you from the beginning. They are getting free entertainment just sit back and enjoy it and let's have more big wins for you. 👌👌👌👌🤞

  8. Good luck today, bit late watching today, the dreaded sick bug has hit the household 🤒

  9. Bruv, don’t ever apologise for celebrating when u have to sit and endure pony bonuses making content for us. Get in there man fantastic and love it when u upbeat. Boom baby

  10. well done andy ……thats the 2nd big bonus you got now……….about another 20 more plus……..you will not need that mortgage……..fingers crossed good luck ………

  11. Stop apologising , you get excited as much as you want , that's why we play , for the excitement . Great win on sugar rush . You are still my favourite to watch as you are the most real . Keep it up x

  12. Wow Awesome win on the Sugar Rush Andy long may you continue to get great wins like that you deserve it your nice guy Best Wishes to you mate P.S could you try a Gold strike bonanza Stake Challenge you never know it might just go off.

  13. Nice video, I wouldn't apologise for winning on Sugar Rush, it's so hard to get a good bonus out of games like that!

  14. Great vid Andy. U should of ran away after sugar rush bud. Keep the vids coming pal 👍👏

  15. Mental, Andy please give buffalo king megaways a go, just hit max win on £1.25 double chance !!

  16. Both Pink Elephants are such a drag to ever roll up a decent win, yet there must be something about them as so many streamers find themselves playing on them still 😅🐘 law of averages says it has to blow the doors off for someone again soon!

  17. Good luck wish you lucky today dude xx try betway there good. Better luck next time dude xx

  18. On the greedy wolf u need three of the sympols to land for xtra spins and to upgrade the boxes, that's how I got the massive win on a 50p stake good luck next try

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