ADORNED PEACOCK | Konami – BIG Win! 55 FREE SPINS Slot Machine Bonus

Super Big Slot Wins Video Information:

Big win bonus on Adorned Peacock by Konami. During the bonus free spins, any peacock symbol appearing on Reels 2-5 will expand to make the entire reel WILD. Sometimes if the peacock is in a good mood, it’ll scream in delight (or pain?) and give the player something really good LOL. Make sure to catch the final 10 spins as there’s a double big win in there. Palms, Las Vegas.

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ADORNED PEACOCK | Konami – BIG Win! 55 FREE SPINS Slot Machine Bonus

35 thoughts on “ADORNED PEACOCK | Konami – BIG Win! 55 FREE SPINS Slot Machine Bonus

  1. WTG Al! 😊 Congrats on a Big Win in the bonus!

  2. Nice back-to-back wins towards the end there!  And I like the ending sound effect, LOL!  Congrats man!

  3. Great job Albert.  I love all the little chirps.  I don't  think I've ever played this one, but it looks like it is worth a try. I bet if you had 5 of a kind on the one big spin it would be big $$.   NICE WIN!!

  4. That was fantastic Albert! I was waiting for the Peacock to scream…you always know it's going to be a decent hit…and congrats on getting the girls…not an easy thing to do. Congrats and thanks for sharing this one.

  5. Nice win… I never really see (never really looked either) any of these slots where you can choose credit or spins…. Do they say it on the machine? Like choose one of the other I think id have to take credits Every time lol that's prolly what they want you to do thou

  6. Great Win Albert this looks like a fun machine I will have to keep an eye out for it. I love how the peacocks fill the reel when u just land one.

  7. That was amazing, love how the peacocks scream is different on a big win about to happen, like the dragon on dragons law! Great video! Thanks for sharing. I'm vegas bound will give this a try

  8. So did anyone hear a dog bark at 4:26 and a cat meowing or someone saying  at 4:50 and 4:57?

  9. That was an awesome win Albert, Congrats!!  Love the added sound byte of the dog barking….LOL  I'll have to try this game. 

  10. Very nice bonus Albert. Saw this but never played.
    Like when peacock makes sounds though.
    Good job.

  11. Nice bonus. Pity all the big hits missed out the 5th of a kind symbols on reel 5 every time!

  12. This game hasn't made its way near me anywhere…it looks fun! Nice video

  13. Nice Albert. Do you like playing at the Palms better than some of the strip casino's?

  14. Love this slot! Played it yesterday and cashed out over $100 on a minimum bet. Thanks for showing this, Albert!

  15. Great win!  If only those bonuses would give more than 5 per line, other than that this slot seems like it can be pretty fun.

  16. That sound is Peacock makes is actually very cute… Never cared much about the sound of slots, but this little squeak is fun to hear. Anyhoo, CONGRATS!!! 
    A Long Time Fan,
    Wolfy 🙂

  17. Of all the Konami games -this is the most enjoyable to watch . A muster of peacocks would have been nice. Congrats on your win. Would like to see more of this game. Thanks for sharing

  18. LOL  Nice peacock calls there Alert!  Way to get those cocks to play with you 😉
    I never made it to Rio this trip, maybe next time

  19. Great win Albert! I played this a while back at Venetian and my bonus was a big fail so happy to see a good one on it. Thanks for sharing!

  20. Oh how could i have not noticed that you did make a video on this game. Its my favorite konami game. Everytime i play it, i get many free games and great hits. I will start talking to it as well like you and see if it hears me lol

  21. This is like the best I have seen this game do. It usually just dead spins so I am glad it paid out for you!

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