Arcade Slots Pt 1/5 – Super Star Turns Ultra Play, Spartacus, Fu Dao Le, RR Free Spins & More

Super Big Slot Wins Video Information:

I usually play the £500 FOBT bookie style slots at the bingo hall usually on max bet. I also sometimes play casino slots and roulette here in the UK as well as Vegas and Australia when i get the chance . I generally push the gambles and go for Jackpots and lots of free spins

I upload all of my sessions regardless if it’s a big loss or a big win . You’ll see them all in a 7 neighbours gambling video .


I purely do this for fun and play with what i can afford to lose. Video is purely for entertainment purposes. Please Please gamble responsibly and only bet what you can afford to lose. Always set a deposit limit and remember if Gambling is getting too much for you then you can self exclude from all Online sites by going to

Have fun and remember you simply can’t beat Random Slots / fruit machines over a sustained period of time. 

Twitter: @7Neighbours

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❗❗Gambling is highly addictive and should only be played for fun. Only play with what you can afford to lose  Strictly 18+ Only❗❗

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Arcade Slots Pt 1/5 – Super Star Turns Ultra Play, Spartacus, Fu Dao Le, RR Free Spins & More

18 thoughts on “Arcade Slots Pt 1/5 – Super Star Turns Ultra Play, Spartacus, Fu Dao Le, RR Free Spins & More

  1. That star turns is usually how my session goes £300-£400 in without a win 🤣🤣 on the ban list that

  2. I'm not talking about you Ross because you do it for entertainment purposes but I have no idea why people go for 60,75 or 100 spins on spartacus
    I always collect 30 or 40 if it wants to pay big it will roll in on 1 spin on that game you can easily win 200 ish on 8 spins,never ever over gamble it ain't worth it
    Great video mate

  3. Not gonna lie i saw OAB put over £600 worth of play and didnt get 3 red moneybags on that ULTRA FEATURE. So he actually put a full jackpot plus another 20% on top without getting a feature. I stopped playing them 6 years ago…..10 years too late

  4. Just finished playing super star turns going to have to call it a day losing a fortune lately cheers for video

  5. Woah! Part 1 out of 5 you say…. Awww love a bit of rainbow riches… Those pie gambles..OFT!
    Looking forward to part 2 ☺️

  6. They did something to this machines 🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️ allmost nobody winn on them 🤮🤮 Spartacus,Kings of honour, Hercules etc. they all death games!! BUT YOU ARE THE BEST BROO😁😁 BY FAR THE BEST

  7. I got a 310 odd bonus on Free Spins once off literally a few quid in, went to reach for the part bank on the pie screen and the edge of my coat somehow managed to catch the start button just enough to trigger it and my heart stopped as the needle span round but luckily it hit the blue for 400! Still don't understand why it seems to be such a popular game though as overall it is pretty garbage and the Free Spins certainly aren't as 'free' the ridiculous amount they can cost (and then just give you 10 anyway), never seen it roll in more than 100 quid on the base game either

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