BARONG POWER | Konami – Big Win! Slot Machine Bonus

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My first time playing Barong Power by Konami (played on their Selexion multi-game box). During the bonus free spins, more stacks of the Barong symbol (WILD) are added to the reels. Barong is a lion-like creature and character in the mythology of Bali, Indonesia where he is the king of the spirits and leader of the hosts of good (well, that’s what Wikipedia told me hehe). Orleans, Las Vegas.

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BARONG POWER | Konami – Big Win! Slot Machine Bonus

28 thoughts on “BARONG POWER | Konami – Big Win! Slot Machine Bonus

  1. Nice to see someone win Ive been on such a bad streak lately really scaled back my playing.

  2. Nice win on this game. I knew that girl hit was going to be nice based on that 22 buck hit. Nice show Albert. Congratulations.

  3. How much would you say you put in the machine at the beginning? It was a great bonus, 133x!

  4. Never did get around to trying this one while in Vegas so thanks for posting your experience on it, you did wonderful on it, hope your getting more exciting new games in Vegas!

  5. Very Nice bonus Al.  I could never get more than 25x on this, other than that one good line hit of mine.  I'd like to play this again though!

  6. Funny we both said oh wow at the same moment when the ladies and wilds went all the way't it was Goin to pay that much..nice $200

  7. We have played this quite a few times now and always seem to get a bunk of a win. Glad to see it can indeed succeed lol! Great video!

  8. Good job on bonus Albert. I'll pass this one.
    And btw I learned a lot slot English from wiki too. 🙂

  9. Very nice -I don't think so – it's an amazing hit. Thanks for sharing never saw this one

  10. Nice win Albert! Another great looking game. Going to look for this one in AC this weekend. Loved the video.

  11. That was a great bonus!  For Konami, a 100x win is hard to come by – congrats!!  My local has several Selexion machines.  I never played this one though.

  12. Very nice bonus, Albert!  Always love your videos and explanation of potential.  Keep em' coming  🙂

  13. Konami came through for you again. Love it whenever a spin breaks 100. Good $200 prize.

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