Best Bonus Buy Slots from Nolimit City

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This Bonus Buy compilation features slots like Deadwood, Punk Rocker and other games from Nolimit City.
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A “bonus buy” is when you pay an amount of spins (usually around 80-100) in advance to ensure you get the bonus feature of the slot game. It can be very risky to do so and you may end up losing a lot of money. But sometimes people can get really lucky and that’s what we’ve mashed together in this video: some of the biggest wins ever through feature buys on Nolimit City slots.

00:00 Intro
00:09 Deadwood – LetsGiveItASpin (@LetsGiveItASpin – Casino Streamer)
02:20 Barbarian Fury – Nosound113
04:10 Buffalo Hunter – CasinoLand
05:57 Punk Rocker – BadazzTV
09:07 Book of Shadows – Jarttu84

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Best Bonus Buy Slots from Nolimit City

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  2. Since bonus buys in the UK got banned last year, I never realised that Nolimit City slots had bonus buys. I presume that Blueprint still offers buys on their current slots?

  3. Yeah good one. Casino's barely pay out max 500x the bet, and here we are every single streamer muppet getting 5000x upwards. Do you think these online casinos are in the business of paying out that much to every Tom Dick and Harry? It's paid to specific sheep streamers like these muppets trying to entice you to join online and play. You'd be lucky to get a 50x win!

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