BEST SYMBOL HITS on Iron Bank Slot! (Super Big Win)

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Jack hits an insane screen of top symbol on Iron Banks ‘Mystery Symbol’ bonus feature off-stream on his gaming channel for an insane big win!

No links in stream or in connection to my channel are transaction links.
18+. Gamble Responsibly. T&C’s apply.

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BEST SYMBOL HITS on Iron Bank Slot! (Super Big Win)

15 thoughts on “BEST SYMBOL HITS on Iron Bank Slot! (Super Big Win)

  1. Bro this **** has to be entertaining… He's won more 100k wins than anyone in history…

  2. Haha 10k or 100 I allways have to look bout ten times well done love this channel ❤️

  3. People screaming entertaining all over… Jack's been building his channel for over 4 years and did small bets in the beginning. Don't you understand that you make **** loads of money through affiliation? So more viewers equals more income equals bigger bets and bigger wins. He also has steaming bonuses which allow him to do bigger bets. Try watch his channel on twitch and see him rip 40k in one day. Not only come for the highlights screaming entertaining… Maybe you should comment on classyb and rosh channels instead 😝

  4. Thought you guys wer legit now all of a sudden multiple 100k+ wins…..nope dont buy it

  5. I enjoyed your streams, I honestly thought you were legit but lately…………oh well,for entertainment value you still have followers

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