BIG BETS, BIG WINS? Latest Bookies Slots 🍀

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High stakes Mega Spins on several of the latest slots in Coral bookies. Soldier of Rome looks good and is clearly very well made, but I’ve yet to do well on it. I tried the £30 Mega Spins stakes with a lot of gambles in an attempt to win some free spins.
Following up from that, I played the new Chilli Fiesta, again on £30 stake with some more big gambles and finished up on Himalayas.

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BIG BETS, BIG WINS? Latest Bookies Slots 🍀

44 thoughts on “BIG BETS, BIG WINS? Latest Bookies Slots 🍀

  1. Have you ever hit the mystery respin on himalayas? I can't remember if I've seen you do it or not

  2. Love watching you videos, sometimes I wanna smack you hand away from the gamble button lol, keep up the winning 🙂

  3. Great video again mate nice to see you take more money from those robbing ba*****s lol also shout out if you can

  4. In the last 2 month Iv spunked about 2grand into the bookies playing slots and not had one jackpot and you’ve won it twice in your last two videos! Wtf I’m I doin wrong?

  5. not sure why the haters are saying edit. I've been watching Darrens videos for years and can tell you hes had some great wins and also mega losing sessions. Jealousy will get people nowhere.

  6. welcome back .. only been a subscriber for a month love the vids too … Had a good run on the soldier of Rome only playing 50p a spin …. and i managed to gamble from 30p win to 10 free spins …Twice 🙂 ..Would love a shout out too.. how about the high roller on Coral's Cash Bonanza and Wild magic thanks

  7. I thought you were offline my man.. Blocked or something like that.. Glad you back.. Mr wig was trying a takeover…

  8. Do you think each game on them machines is actually independent?? I.e you could win jackpot on each game in 1 session .

  9. Dunno if anyone else noticed the gamble, you can tell if it will win or.lose when the pie gamble spins, slow it loses fast it wins, anyone else.notice it?

  10. I think his videos are good yes he takes risk and sometimes he loses but he always come back up . And it his money if he wants to gamble all the time x keep it up x well done

  11. Just replied to a comment thought put here


  12. The anmount times get two bonus teaser on that hymolaos
    Then when u doing mega and only need 2 to get bonus it never happens! Lol
    Every other spin get two bonus teaser on normal game

  13. When you watch this video back! at 55 seconds in watch how the slot robs! £30 of credit from £70 down to £40 without a press! cheating the player it seems!

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