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I am just a mountain girl traveling the world, playing slots and having fun!
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44 thoughts on “BIG NEWS AND BIG WINS!

  1. Jacked before for I watch, I just want to say, I am SO HAPPY FOR YOU!! I’m so excited for you to get out there and make some amazing changes in your life! I can’t wait to watch you blogging your move, but most importantly, I’m so happy that you are following your dreams. My husband moved there after a nasty divorce (he also lived in Colorado!) and he absolutely loved living in Florida and in the Tampa area too! You will love it down there it’s beautiful. This is definitely a gain for Florida and I can’t wait to watch you and your channel grow! Safe travels and much love to you Jackie! ♥️👏

  2. Hi Jackie! My mother in law currently lives in Delray Beach, FL but moving to Lake Worth, FL very soon so my husband and I are back and forth a lot. I'm sorry about what happened to you and I know that you're trying to stay strong and follow your heart and dreams. I hope your heart will be happy on your new adventure in Florida.

  3. I grew up in Florida both coast east and west very famiguy with Tampa as I lived in Saint Petersburg and that is exciting congrats:)

  4. So excited for you ! Very brave always fun trying new things and places. I have never been to Florida love the beach ⛱️ . Are u still taking trips to Vegas ?

  5. congrats! do you have a job lined up? You should start a travel channel. Theres a lot of travel youtubers doing really well. You could travel to beaches all over the world on youtubes dime. I know you would kill it

  6. Florida Welcomes you Beautiful.. I'm in Florida as well Born & Raised. You will Love it here. But yeah congrats on your new journey here in the sunshine state.🎉❤

  7. Good luck in Florida you will love it there. Throw out those sweaters. If you need a friend ill send you my number. I lived in Miami its beautiful.

  8. HARD ROCK TAMPA is the best casino ever! Be safe and best wishes!! Happy for you!

  9. you are not going to like florida, way to humid your not going to like being wet all the time , but good luck hope it works for u


  11. I am so very happy for you and your new adventure! Praying for safe travels!!! Looking forward to the ROAD TRIP LIVES!!! We love you Jackie!!! ❤

  12. Wow. So does that mean you an Raja are separating. Don't mean to pry on your Business. Just be sad to see you guys not be together anymore..❤❤❤

  13. Good for you….Don't spend tooo time in the sun…Your beautiful young skin will turned fast, take it from a person who knows….PS Stop in Oklahoma for Casino off 35 WINSTAR CASINO 1 hr from Dallas-FortWorth

  14. I am so happy for you Jackie, I will see you at Hard Rock in Tampa. I live here and love it.

  15. I didn't know you liked to fish. 🙂 I love to fish also. Do you like drag races? Like NHRA drags. Lol

  16. Yea you’re moving to my state!! Best decision!! I’m only half hour from HR in Tampa. 😊

  17. Happy for you, I hope your dreams come true 💖 would love to see you join Jackpot Beauty and Slot Hopper❣️

  18. Hi Jackie luck on your new adventure I just subscribe to your channel but I watch it all the time I’ve been to Florida and I love it❤

  19. Tampa is West Florida. South Florida is Miami area. Good luck you will love it. Be close to Juicey Ducey so hit her up.

  20. Sounds like to me this was your end game all along, Meet Scott, find your place in the slot community, tell him you want a ring and a family knowing he was probably not going to agree with that, start crying while you are playing slots with him, who does that btw, and now all smiles and I am moving to Florida! You should be on a reality show!

  21. Watch the weather, and I sincerely hope your packing on your journey too. Lately several tornadoes have been sweeping through the midwest! Do not stop at the rest stops, and stay as safe as possible while traveling! Lots of craziness out there. I'm gonna worry about you traveling alone! ❤😊

  22. Welcome to the Sunny State! Excited to see more Tampa Seminole Hardrock videos and hope to see you around! Good Luck in the future!

  23. You will do great with anything you want to do. I wish you only the very best! ❤

  24. Oh wow Jackie.. how exciting 🎉❤🎉.. congratulations on your new ventures and hopefully I’ll get to meet you one day at Tampa Hard Rock.. that’s our home casino and I love your channel ❤.. wishing you nothing but the best on your new fresh start!!

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