** BIG WIN ** 5 Dragons – Good Fortune n Others ** SLOT LOVER **

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1. Harrah Northern California
2. Atlantis, Reno
3. Peppermill Reno

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** BIG WIN ** 5 Dragons – Good Fortune n Others ** SLOT LOVER **

13 thoughts on “** BIG WIN ** 5 Dragons – Good Fortune n Others ** SLOT LOVER **

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  2. Nice video. 2 weeks ago I couldn't find the Ellen machine at Graton. Where did you find that one? My fiancé loves that machine.

  3. Do you always play max bet these days? Do you think it worth it? Nice collection of the bonuses, liked the butterfly game 🙂

  4. Good advice not to play in the High Limit Room at Graton. No danger for me — I never play high limit. : )

  5. Nice wins, max bet is great if it pays off!! Let it rain 💰💰💰! Great session! 😎

  6. Nice going on 5 dragons, with lucky fortune! I want to try it again on my next trip! I know you explained to me b4 the whole "all up" of 88 fortunes, but I still think you loose potential. That Multimedia game has so much potential, like the Dynamite one! Nice collection 🙂

  7. NIce Win my friend.
    QUESTION: Good Fortune – you play odd bet prices…. example .88 (Top Row Buttons) and then pic X-times 1, 2 3,4&Max. (Bottom row) Do you think ? You have a better chance ? or something else ? Thanks Jim

  8. Very nice! Thanks for sharing another great video of wins! Cheers and Good Luck on your future slotting adventures and shenanigans!

  9. Nice videos. You do post great stuff. Does it matter how many free spins you select? Or it pays the same irrespective of our selection?

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