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** BIG WIN ** 5 New Games Reviewed ** Bonuses ** SLOT LOVER **

21 thoughts on “** BIG WIN ** 5 New Games Reviewed ** Bonuses ** SLOT LOVER **

  1. Loved the middle finger on that 7's game, lol. I do the exact same thing. Thanks for the video.

  2. I have never seen any of these games so really enjoyed the video to check them out! I like your reviews!

  3. The Gold Bars one is just like the Gems and Diamond variants of this game, it's weird, it seems to pay better on minimum bet than higher bets. I played them twice yesterday and got 100x my bet on mininum but like 16x on higher bets. It really pays bad when you don't get that special symbol in the middle to multiply your wins. I like this rating of new games, keep doing it. 🙂

  4. These multi jackpots are so "hot" right now, but they are super tough! I am sure some people win them, but I'm not usually there at the right time 😉 great concept and the Brazilian music was pretty good man!

  5. Thanks for this, it's really fun to see the new slots before they make it to my area.

  6. Nice video bro.your a loveable guy to listen to,humble.sadly the best X wins was at low play,,,but still few awesome bonuses.and free spinns.

    and a few which was close to being epic wins,but sadly only gave around 50 dol or 100 on a 3 dol bet.

    I consider a good bonus if you get x100.and everything above is to me a jackpot even if its a 1 dol and i win 120dol on a single hit.not like in a bonus,but reel wins wout games.

    though you killed some of those buffalos

  7. Great Video! Thanks for the reviews. I think this is EXACTLY why a lot of Casinos don't want you to film. They are afraid people will watch and figure out just how little is paid back to customers. I will still play, but now I know a few more titles to avoid! Thanks again.

  8. that last slot can be hit or miss. on one you gave it the number one middle finger? LOL

  9. Very good review, and excellent bonus amazon dinasty !!Congrats!!

  10. oh! did you just flip a finger? 4get it. i don't think I should watch your video again. interesting

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