**BIG WIN!!!/Bonuses!!!** Jungle Cats/Life of Luxury Slot Machines

Super Big Win Video Information:

$2.40 max bet. I enjoy these games because of that Life of Luxury bonus and how well it can pay. I find them very entertaining and fun. I don’t typically play the game Jungle Cats on this version, but my friend DKD Slots told me to play it and it didn’t disappoint haha.

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**BIG WIN!!!/Bonuses!!!** Jungle Cats/Life of Luxury Slot Machines

12 thoughts on “**BIG WIN!!!/Bonuses!!!** Jungle Cats/Life of Luxury Slot Machines

  1. I wish they still had the original life of luxury machines. Max betting takes away any picking pressure!

  2. Great job and win w the Life of Lux! I've played these briefly but haven't invested much money and time into these after my first go at them w Bier Haus Colossal Reels. I've never tried the Jungle Cats but they seem to have given you lots of play! 🐱

  3. Had these in my local about three years ago , had two machines with jackpots at the same time lol even got the diamond $2700 the following weekend went to play them and the casino pulled them . it was a very sad day for me ,still miss the machines lol

  4. Love the Life of Luxury Progressive bonuses. They are so much fun to play! You did well on Jungle Cats. I found it tough to line up good wins on it. Nice work here Nick!!!

  5. Have not played this one yet. Was fun to see your session buddy. Well done. 😎👍🏽🚀

  6. Nice wins Nick. Not a fan of Jungle Cats. It has take more from me than I can tell you. Great job with the Progressives. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  7. I classify Jackpots as follows: Opal is MINI JACKPOT, Ruby is MINOR JACKPOT, Emerald is MAXI JACKPOT, Sapphire is MAJOR JACKPOT, and Diamond is the GRAND JACKPOT. In Life of Luxury free games, player may win up to five Jackpots.

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