** BIG WIN ** Farmers Daughters n Others ** Slot Lover **

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** BIG WIN ** Farmers Daughters n Others ** Slot Lover **

12 thoughts on “** BIG WIN ** Farmers Daughters n Others ** Slot Lover **

  1. I guess Farmer's Daughter was the best of these — the game I played had different icons though. Years ago my husband played Texas Tea when it was a penny game. It didn't pay much but it payed often. This $1 one didn't pay very well, I'm afraid.

  2. That's the first time I've really watched play on a King Reels game. Didn't even know it had multipliers. Nice! And first time seeing Myths and Legends. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Well, farmers daughter is actually Turqios Princess lol! I like these King reels, there is huge potential in full screens, especially with the multipliers as you showed. It is hard to get a big multiplier in the same game a couple times, good job! I got the Bonus on Brazil, once at PH in Vegas, nothing lol! I may try it again! That wizard gold is like the Dragon too!

  4. Well, they can't all be giant wins! Thanks for showing all of the different sides of your slotting adventures from small wins to no wins to fantastic wins!

  5. Nice wins SL, enjoyed seeing what was several new games to me. 🙂

  6. Shame that Texas T did not hit again for you. This is another machine that use to give a lot of play and decnet return . Now, it is really tough
     Saw a young lady a few years back playing a nickel one. She put her last 5.00 bill in .Shewas going to play a nickel a line.Somehow she hit max bet which was either 4.50 or 5.00 I do not remember.
     She hollered on No I messed up my last 5.00 gone
     It hit 5 Texas T wells and 5 of something else hen alll said and done it paid her handsomely Over 5 grand

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