12 thoughts on “Big win, Huge win. Dragon’s Law Twin Fever slot machine. Amazing. Almost 300x.

  1. Thanks Albert. I love this game. getting ready to head to the casino, I hope to have even more luck.

  2. thanks everyone for making this video my most popular so far. I am just starting out. please subscribe and check out the rest of my videos.

  3. I've played this bloody game several times and that blue one NEVER comes out!!  Congrats on your win.

  4. Great Last Bonus! Tried this last time in Vegas, and did badly. However I'll try it again. Who knows….its worth the try. Right?

  5. Fantastic win, well done.
    I played this type last year, won $300, unfortunately my wife saw me winning and promptly grassed on me to our twin girls. They then tag teamed me (as usual) and emptied my pockets.
    Roll on September, heading back to Vegas from UK

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