*BIG WIN!!* JUMBO WILDS (SWEET ZONE) | SUPER MEGA WILDS Slot Machine Bonus (Ainsworth)

Super Big Win Video Information:

BIG WIN!! on one of the newer Sweet Zone slot machine titles from Ainsworth called Jumbo Wilds. This is my 1st time getting more than one FULL screen of WILDs that pay 100X a screen. In this game, the elephant is the symbol you want to get in both of the red-centered Sweet Zone squares as they expand all reels into WILDs. Loving the African safari animals theme on this one. Red Rock, Las Vegas.

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*BIG WIN!!* JUMBO WILDS (SWEET ZONE) | SUPER MEGA WILDS Slot Machine Bonus (Ainsworth)

12 thoughts on “*BIG WIN!!* JUMBO WILDS (SWEET ZONE) | SUPER MEGA WILDS Slot Machine Bonus (Ainsworth)

  1. Damn…you sure you don't have some kind of Ainsworth KeyCard or something. Great win of course! You do very well with these games. Better than I do with MMG/Everi, ugh. I might have to bail on them, LOL.

  2. Yeah, "That was easy"….you make it look easy and of course it's far from easy! LOL Congrats, this bonus was SWEET 😉

  3. OK I subscribed. I like the machines you are playing. Ainsworth seems to be getting some great colors and graphics and sound. I never though about the maker but I am starting to take notice. If you can move your camera to show the rest of the screen as it is playing, I know it is problematic. Also, My grandma gets more excited over chocolate chip cookies. At least give a BOOOO YAAAAA or Something. We are playing with you Youknow. I am yelling "YES" YES YES woooo hooooo, and you say, "That is Nice"
    Fist up, Fight for Truth.

  4. WOW! That was great Albert. We tried this for the first time a few weeks ago & got a bonus right away with a full screen @ a $1.00 bet. No video…they put these right in front of the table games & I knew I'd get nailed if I tried. Played a few others in the bank and had some luck on them as well..Nice job here!!

  5. Well you did WAY BETTER than I did on this Rumble Rumble clone. I mentioned it before that I hope Ainsworth would make more high volatility slots because it seems like all they're making recently is low volatility slot machines.

  6. You make it seem so easy, Mr. Ainsworth. Hope tomorrow's slot final match-up is an easy win too. Good luck.

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