BIG WIN! – Let’s Make A Deal – PROGRESSIVE WINS – Slot Machine Bonus – Aristocrat

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My first showing of Let’s Make A Deal Slot by Aristocrat. I am presenting Slot wins from my second attempt on this game. The first was a disaster…however, this one was the opposite. I do like the different features this game has to offer. Which will it be? Door #1 Door #2 or Door #3? Enjoy this Slot Machine Bonus and leave feedback if you so desire. Thanks for watching!

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BIG WIN! – Let’s Make A Deal – PROGRESSIVE WINS – Slot Machine Bonus – Aristocrat

29 thoughts on “BIG WIN! – Let’s Make A Deal – PROGRESSIVE WINS – Slot Machine Bonus – Aristocrat

  1. I love the progressive bonus.  Have yet to play this at our local.  Nice video, thanks for posting.

  2. like with any game i play i play the max hoping i get lucky hit or bonus if not it is what it is

  3. YAY!!  Some good amounts won for once on the Wheel!!  First time I've seen anyone win much of anything.  GREAT!!

  4. Seems like these new games are not recording friendly. Thnk you for posting all these new stuff.

  5. apparently this slot is coming to woodbine. i thought it was stupid but i'm somewhat looking forward to it now lol

  6. The first bonus would have had me saying "Is Wayne Brady going to have to choke a birch?"

  7. I like that wheel progressive bonus. Thank goodness you had those people explaining that first bonus too you – you would have NEVER figured it out! 🙂

  8. Very nice win there, NJ!  I hear you on the locals…it's getting very old for sure.  Thanks for sharing

  9. You know there is always someone to tell you how to play the game Lol. Glad you went for it So I could see the game played. Good win.

  10. Aristocrat has generally been pretty quiet in my local casinos — especially with "for sale".  However, this is my favorite Aristocrat title, along with Buffalo Stampede.  Funny how it took so long to hit the east coast!  Thanks for posting.  Congrats on your win!

  11. That was entertaining other than the dumb glare, I hate how these new games are coming out with the screens at that terrible angle!   Drew yourself some people that wanted to play with you? LOL  Thanks for posting, I think I might bring myself to play this game as long as I can find one with no glare =)

  12. Not sure if we have this at our local, thanks for the look. My big problem at our local are the workers. They all want to stop and chat. Nice to say hello, but then GET GOING and do your job. Always seems to be just as a bonus starts (like the drink girls FINALLY showing up). lol

  13. That was fun to watch! 🙂 I'd like to try this slot, haven't seen it at any of my locals. 

  14. If this was at Parx, it sounds like my 'audience' helping me out bonus on Let's Make a Deal 🙂 Nice win!

  15. This is a fun game. It hit the Maryland Live! casino at the beginning of December, and it's been mildly popular. I actually hit the Super Deal Jackpot last Sunday (1/19/14) for $10,690.53 – I'm pretty sure I am the first one to hit the Super Deal Jackpot at Maryland Live so far. Maybe someday it will happen to you too! 🙂

  16. I was curious about how this slot would play.    It looks fun so will definitely give it a try next time.    Thanks for sharing.   

  17. I came back to watch this — I love it when you get people on each side of you telling you what to do.  You get SO IRRITATED!!!!  LOL  *giggles*

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