1. Very nice my friend 🎰👏would be nice to get all 777 or 3BAR
    Hope you are doing well? Stay safe and take care dear friend 🥰🙏❤️

  2. I use to play the respin games all the time! I love when they line up after all the drama!!! Like #7

  3. Good morning! I love ReSpin! I usually play there $1 denom 5 line version but this looks fun too! So much love and luck from AZ

  4. Great Video Jackpot Mammal! So glad to see more casino footage! Stay safe and have a great weekend!

  5. The Triple Strike slot win was nice and the re spins on the 2nd were lots of fun!

  6. I was rootin for you to get that seven with that four times and than that seven with that three times thought it would line up. Congratulations on your handpay🤣 just kidding I’m just trying to throw off other people so that way they will watch your video in full to see what happens because we need to get you that watchtime buddy. 👍thumbs up always great video. Supporting your channel all the way.

  7. Holy, when you were playing $9 a spin, it gave me a heart attack. HAHAHA! I think the most I have played a hand is $3. LOL. Cool share my friend. LIKE 24 and stay safe.👍👍

  8. 25th👍Fun slot play there Handpay. That re-spin feature is great. Thanks for sharing. Much luck to you when the casino's open up again.🍀😎

  9. Nice hit on the 1st game, you were smart to cash out! The respin game is tough, & it's a big tease, but fun to play! Take care my friend🤗👍

  10. Hey my friend!! That 7 line hit was awesome! I haven’t played re-spin in a minute but now I want to play it now!! 😄 I hope you’re having a great week!!

  11. Wow the 7's pay so well, I had no idea you could win that much without them all being the same color!

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