BIG WIN on Flame Busters Slot – £5 Bet!

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BIG WIN on Flame Busters Slot – £5 Bet!

12 thoughts on “BIG WIN on Flame Busters Slot – £5 Bet!

  1. i got a $1500 CAD win a month ago i was pumped. nowhere close to £2000 but its a lot for me

  2. Was this today stream nick? I thought ya didnt stream on Wednesdays. Raging I didn't catch it live
    Amazing hit, almost makes up for the D-DOA spins.

  3. with respect to nick(and i mean no harm to you mate)but if you are going to sit at a computer and play for 20 hours plus a week,you are going to have an occasional larger win…..i do not play nowhere near as much, as these sites are not good news…..from my point of view…keep off them.

  4. It is important that we understand, everything is false and fixed, do not play people!!!!

  5. These sites are so dangerous. You will never be up in your life. They are rich for a reason. But each to there own

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