BIG WIN on Napoleon Slot – £4 Bet!

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BIG WIN on Napoleon Slot – £4 Bet!

12 thoughts on “BIG WIN on Napoleon Slot – £4 Bet!

  1. 1000 quid I thought it was gonna pay about 30 tops with that line up…it didn't even even reach 4th reel

  2. Slot is pretty strange with colossal multipliers, I was on 80p spins and got the Napoleon trigger bonus and he dropped 5 wilds and i walked away eith £4,500 which is life changing money for me. Safe to sat sll gambling accounts are now closed and that win is withdrawn! Good win here too as i said before this slot is so strange.

  3. Napoleon is randon af I had 1 ship and a Napoleon wild on 60p stake in a bonus once paid like £240 go figure…because I really didn't know what was happening…

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