Big WIN! (or “WINNING BID 2” STRIKES BACK! – MAX BET!) Slot Machine Bonus Videos

Super Big Slot Wins Video Information:

Big WIN! (or “WINNING BID 2” STRIKES BACK! – MAX BET!) Slot Machine Bonus Videos. A GREAT, FUN SLOT SESSION, playing one of my FAVORITE GAMES. REVENGE from Monday’s Live Stream!!!! 🙂

JACK Casino, Cincinnati, OH. $2.40 bet.

I often go to LAS VEGAS CASINOS to gamble and play the SLOT MACHINES, hoping for BIG WINS!!! But, as we all know with SLOT MACHINES, getting a JACKPOT ain’t easy. Hell, getting a SUPER BIG WIN ain’t easy!!! At some point, we’re just hoping for a BONUS. Usually a “handpay” strikes on a slot machine when you are least expecting it! So enjoy the slot videos, and have FUN!!!!

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Big WIN! (or “WINNING BID 2” STRIKES BACK! – MAX BET!) Slot Machine Bonus Videos

41 thoughts on “Big WIN! (or “WINNING BID 2” STRIKES BACK! – MAX BET!) Slot Machine Bonus Videos

  1. Do they give you more chances at picking the bonus if you get more than 3 "SOLD!" symbols? Like maybe if you get 5 then underneath everyone is the bonus?

  2. I too am from the Nati. Would love to go to casino with ya and play the slots. I normally go to belterra park

  3. Hi ****y, SDguy says your cut. Is this true? Why did they remove the end of our penis without our consent?

  4. oh my…I don't know if u would notice but up until you got that first bonus…Wrecking Ball was playing in the background .I was crap like please give him a bonus!

  5. Woohoo! Great picking! 🙂 Redemption for how evil it was during your live stream.

  6. Hey Brent, that was a great win! Your videos with your Mom and Dad are great too! You are very Blessed to have such a nice family. You look like you lost a bit of weight. You're looking good! No matter what you wear or what S.D guy says. Lol! You and S.D guy make my day with your reviews. You two are hilarious! Keep those going!

  7. hey Brent, you're intro on SDguys latest video had me in stitches. Well done. Very funny

  8. Fabulous! My problem with this game – and I know why you like it, cuz it's fun and witty, I just don't like how you can't win huge in the bonus – its so capped! Like is 100X even possible?

  9. This game always seems to be so much fun when you play it. Unfortunately I've never seen it in a casino in the 3 years I've had this hobby.

  10. Love this slot. Cried when they took it out of foxwoods. Only thing better is original wining bid if u can find it. Love you're vids Brent!!

  11. Yes!! BIFF 💎 was a saver and great picking Brent! 😎👍🏽💰💰🚀

  12. I've never triggered the SOLD feature on this game so that was great! Awesome bonus and great picking, Brent!!! Congrats!!! 😀

  13. This game has a stud bull dating a man lol. A naughty reference of giving it to me big boy! And a queen playing it lol love the video Brent. I like your mom and dad. You remind me of myself.

  14. Winning Bid is a great series… Seems like they would realize that a new WB3 would be a no brainer…

  15. Excellent video, my friend, and a nice win to boot. Winning Bid is high up on my list of "must try" slots when I return to Vegas. Where can I find it?

  16. Good luck in the March Madness challenge!  I luv u and SDGuy!  Stay fun girl!

  17. Brent over 16 years and only 26k subs? You
    gotta get going. Also you better get married
    and change your name to a simpler name!lol

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