24 thoughts on “Big win superbucks

  1. This is the old superbucks can't find them no more only the new ****ing slaper 4 in1, i have got 4 of these and 5 jacks on free spin years ago payed me like $3500 playing 9 bux a shot, good on yar mate luck was on your side

  2. entertaining as ****. You got 3 more symbols but it didn't give you a feature? Bull**** video

  3. I played super bucks in nsw it was 1 line which I didn't realize at first I put it on max bet and got 5 money symbols but they didn't line up on the pay line and won nothing when I first saw it I jumped out of my seat no music no fuss and no money they need to burn this machine in hell and every pub that has one of them lol

  4. New friend here nice win. Thanks for sharing. Please support my channel back.

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