*BIG WINS* Wonder 4 Jackpots Slot Machine – HOT MACHINE!

Super Big Win Video Information:

Mrs. CT found a very hot Wonder 4 Jackpots machine during our most recent trip to Atlantic City. She cashed out her titos after her big wins and left the game with over $700 in profit.
Super Free Games kept on triggering and she managed to land the Buffalo Jackpot during one wheel spin! The only one she hasn’t gotten is the Panda and you know she’ll keep trying for it!
She also tried the Wonder Wheel version and triggered the Buffalo Gold Super Free Games, let’s just say the original remains her favorite, lol!
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*BIG WINS* Wonder 4 Jackpots Slot Machine – HOT MACHINE!

12 thoughts on “*BIG WINS* Wonder 4 Jackpots Slot Machine – HOT MACHINE!

  1. Amazing run of games. Huge wins on both the buffalos and the kitties. Fabulous win total over $700. What a night. Wish I had your luck. : )

  2. That kitty really puts out for you guys! 🐱 you got so many gold fish hits with it, great job again!!! 👍

  3. Oh man that buffalo gold is stupid lol!! Loved that kitty!! That retrigger was everything!! Congrats Mrs CT!! 🙂

  4. I usually watch videos of wonder 4 on buffalo but this one doesn't seem too shabby lol

  5. I know that feeling, they placed a 2 seater in front of the Godfather at Barona so me and my wife have been playing together and of course when I get 🌹's who do I get Johnny or Willie Cicci but when she put's her player's card she's getting the Don or Mama or Sonny!!! go figure 🤣hey as long as one of you is keeping the team in the game that is what matters, good luck Mr CT on the next escapade 🎰💲🏪💰👍

  6. Talk about a super active game. Congrats guys…that was some awesome spinning 🙂

  7. Love me some Wonder 4 games. nice progressive win!! Ms. Kitty did show you some love. I love Super Free Games on this… Congrats!!! Thanks for posting!!!

  8. This is the only game I have played where the bonus didn't even payout the original bet..

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