12 thoughts on “BLACK KNIGHT II | WMS – Big Win! Slot Machine Bonus Feature

  1. Damn that was badass with those Kings even without the 5th reel, great showing Al!

  2. Nice win Albert! Are these machines new? I haven't seen Black Knight WMS machines around my neck of the wood 

  3. This is an update of an older game I used to play at Pala. Always did like those Knights in Shinning armor.

  4. how do you get to play the life of luxlury slot game been trying to down load but wany wor,

  5. Always wanted to play this game. Nice hit! I have never seen a video of a full screen with kings on both sides. Thats one of my bucket list dreams if I can ever find it.

  6. ah, back in the day when we used to do short videos! Great hit! 🙂

  7. El. Único problema. Es. Que. Yo. Me. Estoy volviendo. Paranoico y. Desconfiado con. Los. Casinos roban y. Roban $____$$$$$$$$$$

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