25 thoughts on “Brazil Gold Two Super Games! Big Win! Wonder 4 Spinning Fortunes

  1. I’ve never played Brazil. How do you like it compared to the others in Wonder 4? You did awesome though my friend!

  2. I tried it once at san manuel but no luck..I have seen other channels play the dollar denom..

  3. Tough game very low pay out on bonus . but hey gotta love that super game 2 my friend. Hardly see . well done bro 👍

  4. Great run on Brazil Gold slot. Way to go Fred. Big thumbs up and continue luck this weekend my friend 🤑😀👍

  5. Fred! I’ve never seen Brazil Gold before! Thanx for showing it! I know what I need now! The butterflies 🦋! That mini was a pretty good amount! I hope you’re having a fantastic evening! Good luck this weekend! 🐼🐾👍

  6. Come on free game!!You are so funny!!! 😄 It’s hard to get super free game on Wonder 4 Spinning Fortunes isn’t it? But you got it twice 👏👏👏and it was great win!! Awesome my friend!! Have a great weekend and 🍀🍀🍀

  7. Wow, you did great! I haven't seen this game, it was fun to watch. Have a great weekend and good luck my friend!🍀👍

  8. I would rather play the original version because it pays better and is cheaper to play , these multi game slots cost to much to play for the small payoffs they sometimes give . Although I've noticed that all five of our locals have tighten up their slots so much that they don't have the crowds they use to have , plus the economy isn't as great as Trump says it is .

  9. We just got this game in at my local. I will give it a try. You did great. A big thumbs up and continued good luck my friend.

  10. I never played Brazil, you did awesome on it,enjoyed watching it my friend thanks for sharing and continued good luck 👍🍀

  11. G luck master . You great player can you know when to win , and run 🏃‍♂️ not like me keep playing the same machine after big win and then lose everything

  12. I notice after you get up to 600 and up you leave , and maybe many people think that’s not good and play more but this is the cacht drain the machines 3 to 4 machine like that kind a win and we walk away whit couple thousand dlls you right win and try diferente machine . It’s another person as SD guy he put 100 and he double and change machines you guys are winners thanks for teaching us how really we need to play 🙏👍

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