Buffalo 4 Coin Super Games💰Big Win – Redtint Loves Slots

Super Big Win Video Information:

Buffalo 4 Coin Super Games💰Big Win
Played at Agua Caliente Spa Casino
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Hi everyone and welcome to my slot channel Redtint Loves Slots! I love playing slots anywhere, anytime. You can catch me having fun playing at one of the Southern Calif casinos. We have a lot of them within a 2 hr drive (with no traffic of course!). I post wins and losses because, let’s face it, that’s reality.

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Buffalo 4 Coin Super Games💰Big Win – Redtint Loves Slots

12 thoughts on “Buffalo 4 Coin Super Games💰Big Win – Redtint Loves Slots

  1. That was amazing Tina!!!! YES!!!!! 4 coins, super games oh my gosh….:-) Another awesome upload…thanks so much for sharing this sweet win!

  2. Great Video and Bonus on W4 😄🍀❤️🎰🐃🐃🐃. I wish I could do well on this game!! Have a Great Week and Good Luck 👍🍀

  3. I do love Buffalo Gold…That was a great video to watch…sometimes those coins hide out. You did fantastic. A big thumbs up and continued good luck my friend.

  4. Great my friend!!👏👏You got super free games 35 !!!! Great bonus run!! Love it!! Thank you for sharing 🍀🍀🍀

  5. congrats Tina, always nice to land a decent super games! though i'm totally with ya – it's a letdown when the super games you drew are clearly only going to pay out a certain amount, and you're stuck watching an implausible run of spins without retriggers. they need to clean up the algorithm so it's not so obvious what's going on!

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