Buffalo Gold | 15 Heads in 11 Spins | My New Record | Super Big Win

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I was taking a break from my regular Buffalo Gold machines and sat down at Tall Fortunes to play Buffalo Gold and Indian Dreaming. I had a great win with a 60 cent bet on Buffalo Gold, so bumped up the bet just a little. And then Bam! 15 Golden Heads. I got so lucky. Second time this year hitting 15 Golden Heads. Thank you for watching. Please stay safe and healthy my friend. Please consider subscribing, commenting, liking and sharing. Thank you again for watching.

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Buffalo Gold | 15 Heads in 11 Spins | My New Record | Super Big Win

44 thoughts on “Buffalo Gold | 15 Heads in 11 Spins | My New Record | Super Big Win

  1. wow! 11 spins, that is fantastic, do you know what the record for the least amount of spins is? Congratulations

  2. Nice runs! I made a little come back on Saturday at my home casino. Traveling to Tulsa for a Drive Inn theatre concert on Thursday then going to hit the Hard Rock on the way home maybe will do some good.

  3. Many thanks my friend – wish you good luck! All the best wish you a nice day and week – warm greetings Petra

  4. Not only did you collect all 15 golden heads, you got a huge win as well. Amazing last spin 3 coin retrigger. Congrats my friend! So fun watching. Continued much luck to you ElvisCorvette Slots!🍀🤗🌄😎

  5. Great run on Buffalo Gold slot. New record 15 heads in 11 spins. Enjoyed watching. A big thumbs up and continue best of luck Elvis 🤗🍀😎

  6. That was Awesome!! Them gold heads were coming fast and furious. Love it! 🥳🎰

  7. Congratulation … Best of luck for you… Nice sharing.. Watching from Indonesia🇮🇩

  8. Awesome sessions my friend. Great win. BTW, do you have a favorite machine or do you just look for one and sit down? LOL. 👍👍👍👍

  9. hey elvis this is Christopher from australia have not seen you for a while

  10. Nice new record for you, Elvis!! I got the super free games with all 15 gold heads (not in 11 spins like you) on a $1.20 bet and a nice $1900 handpay just a couple weeks ago. I love the buffalo!!!!

  11. Wow! 15 heads in 11 spins. Great wins. Thanks for sharing. A big thumbs up and continue luck Elvis 🤗🤑👍

  12. OMG ElvisCorvette that 206x Bonus was totally awesome huge congrats, have a beautiful winning week my friend🍹😺🍹
    Like 300, Good Luck, Stay Safe & keep on having fun my friend🍀💖🍀

  13. Another great 15 heads well done sir 😎 🦬👍. I’m still trying for you and have been getting very close lately. When it happens I’m going to shout for Elvis baby at the screen very loudly! Stay safe and best of luck 🤞

  14. Wow Mr Elvis that looks like another big win! i can take the ONE HUNDRED seven dollars

  15. Pretty good, lol, that was amazing! It's hard to get a great bonus on this version! Keep on rounding up the Buffalo 🐃🙌🍀👍🏻!

  16. 4:00
    With so many Buffalos Why aren't there larger wins?
    Oh I see there's a Game Bet of 60 and the Bet of 1.70

  17. Thanku watching from NZ love how u don't do lotta dialogue and let the video speak 4 itself..nice much glad u win too
    On such low bet, gonna try that

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