Buffalo Gold | Super Big Win w/70+ Spins & 3 Bonuses

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This session just kept on giving. I tried to stop, but Mr. Buffalo did not want me to leave. I missed dinner so I stopped at Burger King. LOL. Thank you for watching. Stay safe and healthy my friends. Please consider subscribing, commenting, liking and sharing. Thank you again for watching.

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Buffalo Gold | Super Big Win w/70+ Spins & 3 Bonuses

12 thoughts on “Buffalo Gold | Super Big Win w/70+ Spins & 3 Bonuses

  1. Buffalo Gold is your favorite machine, you always win at this machine but okay everybody always upload a good video. Me too and i hope one day i will get many views to my videos too LOL.

  2. Te da 70. Juegos gratis, pero no te nada de puntos igual que todas las máquinas rateras, ya quiten sus putos casinos, únicamente roban a la gente

  3. Nice run! I couldn't hear you very well as your voice was muffled but I could see what was happening. Congratulations on a fantastic run!

  4. Congrats! 1 suggestion is that pan out so you can see the top of your screen. We could not see how many Buffalo heads you had and how many you needed. Great session though on a $3 bet!!!

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