Buffalo Gold | Super Huge Win – Fast and Furious Retriggers

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Buffalo has been playing very tight lately so it was a lot of fun to get off to an Awesome start. I wish all sessions were like this one…LOL. Please stay safe and healthy my friends. Consider subscribing, commenting, liking and sharing. Thank you again. Please gamble responsibly.

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Buffalo Gold | Super Huge Win – Fast and Furious Retriggers

44 thoughts on “Buffalo Gold | Super Huge Win – Fast and Furious Retriggers

  1. I've missed you. Hope you are keeping well. Still in the 90's here. My best to you. Rob, London, Ontario

  2. Welcome back Elvis. Was wondering where you were. Great to see you back. LIKE 94. 👍👍👍👍

  3. Great bonus with retriggers. Enjoyed the session. Big thumbs up. Sty well and keep the luck rolling Elvis 🤗

  4. We were cheering you on to get that 15th golden head!! Great win, so fun to watch! Thank you friend for sharing. 👍👍🍀🍀❤️❤️

  5. Hello sir! What a start, great bonus to give you a GRAND profit!! Keep it rolling and have a great week!

  6. Beautiful better than hand pay bonus there ElvisCorvette Slots. Those retriggers were going Wild. So enjoyed watching the action adventure. Thanks for sharing your session and continued best of luck to you my friend!🍀🤗🌄😎

  7. Amazing bonus! WTG Elvis! You almost had 15 gold heads. Congratulations! Hope you have a great week…

  8. Very nice video L 87🌲🌲🌲👉🔔👈🌳🌳

  9. Fantastic Shaggy run🍀🐂✨🎰💯💥⚡💸✨🐂🌹🍀

  10. good day to you all out there. are you seriously that lucky???? $1001.35 winning??? wow

  11. Oh wow fantastic win Elvis! Sorry I’m late been on float trip for 4 days! Your game was on tonight!

  12. Well polished channel this is. Best vid i watched from my phone today!
    Thanks. We are grateful of you.

  13. Awesome, my friend. 😍💕 Thanks for sharing. 👍 Have a nice day. 🤗✨

  14. Love that retrigger on the last spin at 42. All those retriggers were great. Awesome session. Keep the bonuses coming!!! 👍👍👏👏🎰🎰💲💲

  15. Hey there my friend awesome session. You killed it you’re on fire 🔥. Good luck

  16. That was incredible! Omg so close to 15 heads again. 😮 that was such a fun session to watch. Loved the exciting win! 🎰🍀

  17. thanks my friend great play and good luck all the best wish you a wonderful weekend warm greetings Petra

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