Buffalo Gold Tower Super Bonus Slot Machine Win @ Harrahs Laughlin Nevada

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Something different and definitely not typical typical Bluebird or Jeep video!

Buffalo Gold Tower Super Bonus hit with rare 15 Golden Heads at Harrahs Casino in Laughlin, Nevada

Risking a couple hundred at the casino is a big deal for me. I usually play low limit Craps or BJ, but my favorite slot game is the Buffalo Gold Tower machine because I’ve seen others win big on it. Obviously no skill is involved with any slot machine, but sometimes you get lucky and that’s definitely what happened on this visit. I had started with $100 and was switching back and forth between $3.60 & $7.20 bet per spin, when it triggered into a Super Bonus round playing the higher amount. Most bonus rounds pay very little, but this amazing session was one of those extremely rare ones that accumulated the Golden Buffalo Heads within a very small number of spins. Never have I seen so quick an accumulation of both Golden Buffalo Heads and dollars won on a relatively low amount bet. I’m certainly not a high limit slot player! It started well and got even better!

I don’t normally video stuff like this. However I’ve played Buffalo Gold for years and when it became my biggest slot win ever, it was time to break out iPhone. This video picks up on the 15th of 25 spins and I’ve already accumulated 14 Golden Buffalo’s with a $2,500 win. I prefer to not disrupt the flow of a machine on a roll, so usually let each song play through. In a bonus round I don’t manually restart the machine unless it has entered what I call a rut, or more that one spin without paying. For the video, I’ve edited out much of that merry-go-round music (note that the win amounts are exactly the same over each edit). The actually bonus lasted nearly 30 minutes. The other persons voice you hear in the video, was just another player who was sitting next to me and she stopped to watch this amazing hit. If you play the Buffalo’s you know how much of a dream result this playing session was. Enjoy!

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Buffalo Gold Tower Super Bonus Slot Machine Win @ Harrahs Laughlin Nevada

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