Casino Slots From Leeds – £1,000 Vs Fishin’ Frenzy @ £5 stake . What Will it Pay ?

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£1,000 vs a fishin’ Frenzy at £5 stake . What will it pay . Casino slots UK

I usually play the £500 FOBT bookie style slots at the bingo hall usually on max bet. I also sometimes play casino slots and roulette here in the UK as well as Vegas and Australia when i get the chance . I generally push the gambles and go for Jackpots and lots of free spins

I upload all of my sessions regardless if it’s a big loss or a big win . You’ll see them all in a 7 neighbours gambling video .


I purely do this for fun and play with what i can afford to lose. Video is purely for entertainment purposes. Please Please gamble responsibly and only bet what you can afford to lose. Always set a deposit limit and remember if Gambling is getting too much for you then you can self exclude from all Online sites by going to

Have fun and remember you simply can’t beat Random Slots / fruit machines over a sustained period of time. 

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❗❗Gambling is highly addictive and should only be played for fun. Only play with what you can afford to lose  Strictly 18+ Only❗❗

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Casino Slots From Leeds – £1,000 Vs Fishin’ Frenzy @ £5 stake . What Will it Pay ?

44 thoughts on “Casino Slots From Leeds – £1,000 Vs Fishin’ Frenzy @ £5 stake . What Will it Pay ?

  1. Fair play, it was a balls-out punt – better than hearing some yokel bemoaning his luck while frittering away his cider vouchers at 50p / spin.

  2. I liked that! I’m a fan of fishin frenzy but it does seem **** lately! Look forward to more videos like this!

  3. Wow what made you play this I thaught you hated it with a passion lol
    3 bonuses @ £5 would have been profit on any decent game
    I see people on this all the time in bingo dunno why it never pays anything decent

  4. You think this game bad play big catch in ladbrokes had the bonus pay zero about 5 times lol

  5. Victoria gate as Too many sharks in watching pretending to play electronic roulette but watching slots. I'd got a bonus on a game casino was dead but lots sat spying after bonus ended which was a sh xt one I just stood up didn't cash out put £20 in machine at side and a scruffy looking woman must have heard bonus as slots are so loud within 2secs she was there trying to put money in. Was so mad asked her if she was blind I'd got money in. So off putting.

  6. on that second bonus if Franky bothered to show his backside and collect the 9 fish then it would of been £425 but just typical fishing frenzy not to turn up 🤔 good effort none the less Ross 😉 👍

  7. Absolutely shocking game this is I put 500 hundred in the other day finally got the bonus it paid a tenner never again terrible game stay well aware from it

  8. I detest this game with a passion I don’t think I’ve Eva saw anyone won anything decent on it unlucky

  9. Pile of **** game ever since they changed it to megaways and the other version its been **** 😒

  10. ****e game.. Difficult to get a bonus most of the time..When you manage to get one it rarely pays a decent win…One of those games I will leave to others to play .

  11. Played FF on and off since it came out, on very high stakes online, it must be one of the worst and most popular out there, Dozens of times after playing for that 1 feature getting nothing from 10 spins, Thai Flower can be another

  12. Ive had the bonus on fishin frenzy around 10-15 times the last maybe 40 times ive played a session and the payouts have been nothing short of abysmal. I dont play it anymore. Can anyone recommend a decent slot with in game random events or pots, along with the usual bonus?

  13. Worst game ever for any bonuses spent £180 at 60p sounds and got 1 scatter and won £3.60 off it, Irish frenzy is far better Ive won thousands on it

  14. 💷😀😀😀😀Good to see some UK slot videos – thank you 7 Neighbours!😀😀😀😀💷

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