ENCHANTED DARKNESS | WMS – SUPER Big Win! Slot Machine Bonus #1

Super Big Win Video Information:

Here’s a VERY nice run on Enchanted Darkness by WMS. The 2 bonuses featured in this video occurred in order (on 2 different machines of the game) followed by a nice line hit. A very impressive win considering I was down to $23.80 at start of this video 🙂

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ENCHANTED DARKNESS | WMS – SUPER Big Win! Slot Machine Bonus #1

12 thoughts on “ENCHANTED DARKNESS | WMS – SUPER Big Win! Slot Machine Bonus #1

  1. haha…Good job Albert. Your vids near the end were played on the GINORMOUS machine…I'm sure you know this already. I really love this game…and the possibilities are endless…you had lots of wilds going on there. Beautiful. Thanks for the acknowledgement.

  2. Albert, so how does this work?  I saw in your initial trigger, you had one lady who was "different" with a cat next to her.  I assume that's how you get a floating wild?  But you had two floating wilds.  So are you always given one minimum, if you hit a bonus, then one additional one for every 'cat lady'? Or for every "cat lady" are you given two floating wilds?  how does it work?  GREAT VIDEO!!!

  3. Great video Brent, congrats on the comeback!  This whole bank of machines are doing wonders for others…spoke to a gentleman recently who told me his wife won $2,700 on the Mr. Hyde game on 80 cents!

  4. Kimberly was slightly more nicer to me my last go round though she gave me a nasty tease which I'll have to share soon.    Great bonus.

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