ENCHANTED DARKNESS | WMS – Super Big Win! Slot Machine Bonus Farewell

Super Big Win Video Information:

My last Super Big Win on Enchanted Darkness by WMS (100-line slot machine). This is my swan song performance as I’m officially retired from this game. I’ve played this game for well over a year since it’s been out and have hit 4 Super Big Wins (but not a single Mega). Sometimes you just gotta know when to call it quits with a game you love to play and move on to try newer ones 🙂 Geez, that made me sound like a slot slut LOL. Thank you all for watching! Like, comment, & subscribe!

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ENCHANTED DARKNESS | WMS – Super Big Win! Slot Machine Bonus Farewell

12 thoughts on “ENCHANTED DARKNESS | WMS – Super Big Win! Slot Machine Bonus Farewell

  1. I had thought if Kimberly landed on a WILD symbol and retriggered as a result, you got an additional WILD.    But guess that's not the case.     Nice swan song.    My best hit was a $400+ bonus on a 5 spin bonus w/ a 30 spin retrigger.    Haven't come close to that one since.

  2. LOL Albert, we're all slot sluts. 😉 Great video and win to retire on for this game. Loved the TITO credits!

  3. BTW, you REALLY DO have one of the best slot channels around. I love your videos and you seem to be honestly just a super nice guy. I love that. I know all the work of making videos, sneaking around a lot, editing and the like (Plus going broke on many occasion to get the great slot video bonus.) isn't easy . Kudos for you for doing such a great job.
    A big, BIG fan,
    Wolfy 🙂

  4. Getting a Super Big Win on any WMS machine is damn good!  I have the worst luck on all WMS games, but keep trying for sake of knowing that one day, it will happen.  Good luck to you and awesome win!

  5. That's so cool when you stopped the reels right when the free games symbols came down.

  6. I can not conceive of having $1800 of uncashed TITOs in my pocket. I would cash that baby and lock it in a safe so fast! I can't get my mind around the kind of money your guys deal in. But I'm happy for you, ss  🙂

  7. Your caption says you retired from this game Albert! I think not lol! I hope your mega comes soon!

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