EPIC Comeback 5 Symbol Trigger Fu Nan Fu Nu Slot Machine! SUPER BIG WIN! $5.28 Bonuses!

Super Big Win Video Information:

The session gambling at Red Rock Casino was going super rough on Fu Nan Fu Nu but we ended up turning it around and making one of the most epic comebacks for a super big win ever!!! Yeah Buddy! Red Rock part of the Station Casinos Brand in Las Vegas. Please Share, Like, and Subscribe. We are going to do a $200 gift card giveaway shortly for reaching our 1,000 subscriber goal!

Filmed at the Red Rock Casino here in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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EPIC Comeback 5 Symbol Trigger Fu Nan Fu Nu Slot Machine! SUPER BIG WIN! $5.28 Bonuses!

9 thoughts on “EPIC Comeback 5 Symbol Trigger Fu Nan Fu Nu Slot Machine! SUPER BIG WIN! $5.28 Bonuses!

  1. Man! I usually stay awau from this machine. Might have to hop on this slot now! Funny thing i was gambling with my mom one time. One of those 880 machines. Looks similar to this one. She accidentally hit 880 and got a line hit similar to this. And won 1000$! And on that note this past week i won 1000$ at sls casino playing 3 out of games on a slot machine. The myster bonues appeared. And i hit the spin button at the right time and it landed on the gold jackpot. 1000$! Only betting 95 cents. Each game was at a bet level of 30 cents i believe. But man that was exciting. Id suggest going to sls casino but there under construction right now. Good casino. Betting 30 cents as i was running out of credit. I swear i landed a full screen of bonuses for 300+ games. Only won 170$ lol and it was my last spin becaus ei had 37 cents left. If only i had faith to put in more money lol okay story time over haha. Goodluck and awesome video!

  2. You touched on sometimes hitting a rough spot, so I'll share this with you. A little over 50 years ago, when I was 21, I was fortunate enough to have been earning extreme amounts of money, but I also was just first developing into a degenerate horse player (amongst all my other forms of gambling [cards, craps, sports, etc.). I had gone two days in a row hitting Aquaduct Raceway (the Flats) in the afternoons, and Roosevelt Raceway (the Trotters) in the evenings. My bright idea was to bet Post Position Numero Uno (#1) . To me it seemed that the #1 Post Position would be a natural. Don't forget, twenty-one years old, fairly new with horse racing, and stupid. Anyway.. I bet a grand a race 'on-the-nose', and over the course of two days, and four different meets, not one single number #1 PP came in. It's like betting on RED and BLACK comes up 36 times in a row, which has also happened to me on a Casino boat about 10/12 years ago.

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