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Top Gun slot machine-bonuses-big win!
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  1. there should be a Diane evoni slot machine that actually pays out something

  2. I played this game years ago and had a blast, my brother hit the big one about 3 hours in. On the fly by bonus if you notice there are a certain amount of jets that fly by before you hit the flyby on the 5th reel. This determines how many wilds you get. If you notice your feature when it hits u will see jet symbols above your credits and that shows you how many wilds you get. Hope that helped a little. πŸ™‚

  3. Not sure if it is still there, but Paris hotel had this game last time I was there. It was near the front of the gordan Ramsey steakhouse restaurant

  4. what happens to the progressives if they remove the machines the Casino just pocket those ?

  5. Sincere condolences. I am very sorry for your loss. RIP Top Gun. Your heart will go on Diana! xoxo

  6. I always loved this machine. When I played it, it was over by the escalators near Buffalo Grand and the little bakery/coffee shop. Not sure if it was always there, but it was a good place for it.

  7. We will all miss top gun! Glad it gave you a nice farewell fly by! πŸ™‚

  8. I love the 80's this slot remind's me of the 80's! It was a nice game!

  9. Can you pull some strings and get this back on the floor? Nick and I were distraught to find it was removed when we were there in April. Gutted.

  10. im going to be in las vegas for this memorial weekend, if you are going to have a group pull i would like to join.

  11. Robert M strikes again! You should print out these thumbnails, glue them to flat magnets, and stick them to the 'frig!

  12. Top Gun was a really fun slot. On the bonus I wish when you hit left or right or whatever it would just go that way and collect what was in that area of screen instead of it being predetermined.

  13. Great thumbnail! Fun game. Who knows maybe will reprise game. Tom Cruise making a sequel of Top Gun.

  14. Good try. I tried the fu da lea , or something like that, this past weekend and did ok. My cousin about flipped when she looked over and saw I was bettin $8.88. I reduced it to I think $5.88, got a bonus a few times and got my win up to $399 and change. We did ok at first but as usual we put it back. I did share a couple $25 free spin thingamagig I won offΒ a fewΒ scratchers. Anyways I thought you might like to hear how I did my first time gambling in about 10 years.

  15. Nice wins! I think might have played that one once. Maybe they'll bring it back or make a new Top Gun slot machine after hearing they're doing a sequel to the movie.

  16. Awe I remember you playing this a few times. Sorry to see it go. Fun slot for sure. The music was cool! πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘πŸ½πŸš€

  17. Great win at the end Diana! Sorry to hear it got removed. Is it possible Top Gun is still at another casino you don't visit?

  18. Since they're making a second top gun movie maybe they will make another top gun slot

  19. So sad to hear it's removed!!! πŸ™ I will have to look to see if I have any bonuses of it left. What a great video though! πŸ™‚

  20. Awww I can't believe they are taking Top Gun out! Great video and win at the end there, Diana! Thanks for sharing! πŸ˜€

  21. hey Diana…hope you are well! coming down on June 13!!!
    Would you recommend the Rio or New York New York?

  22. Just because they removed it from the floor of the Venetian doesn't mean you won't find it somewhere else. Might have to look at some "lesser" casinos – maybe even off the Strip.

  23. yes yes u took it out good bye game thanks 😊😊😊😊😊😊

  24. Too bad Evoni Airlines won't fly over Venetian to highway to the danger zone anymore. πŸ™
    But we all enjoyed watching when you played this game Diana. πŸ‘

  25. I don't think I ever played the game more than $20, however it seems I missed out! Thanks for sharing!

  26. Aw, sucks they took it away. I always like watching the bonus in this game. Nice win at the end, congrats Diane!

  27. If the game had a progressive,… i thought Nevada law, meant that the machine has to stay until its won ?

  28. Hey love your videos.. I’m going to give you some advice.. words have power stop telling yourself you are a bad picker.. your not! Not any worse than anyone else.. Keep winning and stay sweet!

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