Ferris Bueller’s Day Off Slot – BIG WIN! – Slot Machine Bonus

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BIG WIN! Ferris Bueller’s Day Off – Slot Machine Bonus

A Slot Machine Bonus and Line Hit Feature on Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. I had a real good session playing this game…and get this…I have more to come in the future. On this particular day my machine was on Fire. I couldn’t believe it. And I finally get to play a game with the Colossal feature that pays something back – LOL! My expectations were very low based on some others opinions. However, this one does alright…in my opinion. Hope you enjoy the features.

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Ferris Bueller’s Day Off Slot – BIG WIN! – Slot Machine Bonus

44 thoughts on “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off Slot – BIG WIN! – Slot Machine Bonus

  1. It was very fun to play. Thanks for the comments wildmayflower!

  2. It was a blast. But when you are winning…that's what you think – right? Thanks for viewing and commenting Topaz!

  3. Thanks Max. I was waiting for the celebration music..lol.

  4. Thanks VLR. I'm sure you will have a vid one day. I must admit, the machine wasn't cooperating at first…but then out of nowhere…i'm down to about 10 bucks…and worked it all way up to over $1,000. Then I cashed out.

  5. Thanks McGlaven. Hope you have some luck if you try this one.

  6. Thanks lovetwoslot…glad you enjoyed the vids. Maybe you will get the slot soon at your local. Wishing you the best when you try it.

  7. Boy MewtwoStruckBack -) I couldn't have said it better. I was thinking the same thing as it was unfolding before my eyes. I will also agree with you in regard to luck, I have witnessed many throw money in this and get up immediately without giving it a chance. It was a little rough at first, but things turned around for me. Thanks for your comments.

  8. Thanks RNA. I could have so many more than 600..(if I didn't choose my vids. carefully) hence me never celebrating…but I appreciate you noticing nonetheless.

  9. Yes, I agree there is potential. But I have noticed it's on the higher end. When I started playing this…I was betting $1.75 and $3.50…but it knocked me down quickly and then I got a good bonus on 70 cents and then it took off from there….cashed out over $1.000 bucks…I couldn't believe it. Thanks for the comments Shamus…and I know you will do even better on this game in the future. Thanks for the "first look."

  10. Thanks Who. Glad you thought it was fun to watch…appreciate the comments and support!

  11. LOL @ Dan! Must be honest, I didn't know the game could deliver those wins either. After all was said and done…I was looking at the credit meter…in disbelief…because I never take big money out of themed games…I know others do, however, I don't. Looking forward to viewing your win in Vegas. Thanks for viewing and the comments.

  12. Thanks Eydieaz. This game is very fun to play…hope you get to try it sometime.

  13. Thanks NJlucky! Hope you do well, when you try it again. Appreciate the comments.

  14. Fernando got it. Don't think I'm not responding inside…I just don't want to get caught. You may view some other vids where folks are very vocal. Most if not all of those vids are from Vegas. If anyone were to make outbursts like that in this area…they would be shut down immediately. True Fact.

  15. Thanks Jennifer…appreciate the comments and thanks for coming by 🙂

  16. Thank you Blueheart. I remember you making the same statement about a Bally Game…Venus..something…and to be honest…you were correct. I'm sure a few more big ones will come out of this game in the future…however, I know I did well for my offering.

  17. Thanks Rob! It's at our "home" casino. Must warn you though…you know the disclaimer about some results aren't typical, yada, yada, yada…I think I had a real lucky day on this one. Hope you do well.

  18. Hope you find it and do well on it Janice. Thanks for viewing and your comments.

  19. okay…Thanks Play glad you enjoyed the video and thanks for the congrats!

  20. Right time, right place, and right seat. I was in shock myself…but I didn't question my win…just took the money and moved on.

  21. I realize it Pimp…but in my neck of the woods…it never comes around. I am almost positive that Colossal Reels in your area pay more…we have discussed this before…Thank you so much for the comments on my wins…appreciate it!

  22. I think you're right…LOL! Seriously, I'm sure others will do as well if not better. The slot is new, so, it will probably take some time. Thanks for the comments Annette.

  23. Whoop Whoop! That was a nice hair bonus. Loved the movie I hope it comes out here to the west coast soon.

  24. I was happy…but I didn't want to draw attention…so I remained calm – LOL! Thanks for viewing.

  25. Yes Herclovesme! That hair bonus was amazing…really shocked me with the win. Thanks for viewing and commenting 🙂

  26. I was very happy to get that multiplier. Didn't think much of it when it landed…however, when I picked the highest pencil amount…I figured it out quickly!

  27. Great video, looks like a fun machine. Any ideas who might have it here in Vegas? I haven't seen it anywhere in town…:(

  28. LOL.. that line hit big win scene, watched it a few times and laughed every time. Its funny for what it is, boot to the face with 80's acting!!! SMACK!

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