First Look on Hu Wang with Big win @ Max Bet By Slot Lover

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1. Harrah Northern California
2. Atlantis, Reno
3. Peppermill Reno

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First Look on Hu Wang with Big win @ Max Bet By Slot Lover

14 thoughts on “First Look on Hu Wang with Big win @ Max Bet By Slot Lover

  1. Nice win on Buffalo Gold. I've tried that game a few times before, but haven't won much on it. I might try it again in the future.

  2. I love the Red Hawk. It was run by the same people and has the same set up as 4 winds, just across the border in Michigan, but nothing can compare to the view off the front drive of the building. It's magnificent. I love to play slots, but would gladly set there all day just to enjoy it.

  3. I love Buffalo Gold but I can never get the coins. I haven't had a good bonus yet. With all of those spins you had you would think you should have had a lot more bigger wins, not fair.

  4. Yea where was the gold in Buffalo but you had nice win. With 61 free spins gold should've been there. Nice wins other games as well. Can't wait til after holidays. I'm dying to go to casino. All 5 granddaughters bdays in Nov & Dec. my van has no heat. New radiator, cap no leaking , thermostat working fine can't figure it out. Jeff & my son in law do the fixing on autos saves ton of money but since they don't know what's wrong may have to take to garage after holidays can't afford to now! Gotta wait til after Santa!

  5. Two things to see in this video: 1st how much better Hu Wang was at Atlantis than at Red Hawk — this time anyway. . 2nd how nice it is to get 61 spins in the Gold Buffalo bonus and win over $300. I think your casinos are bettter than ours in Southern California.

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